Alexa Chung? IT Girl?

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Anyone who loves Tumblr and fashion knows about Alexa Chung's IT Book, If I'm not seeing the gorgeous brunette on my tumblr page then I'm seeing her book. 
Although I am reading the book, this is not a review on how amazing or poor it may be. However I do think the book is fabulous..
I can't believe I haven't posted this already (I'm ashamed of myself) as Alexa Chung is one of my ultimate fashion icons, to those of you who may not know the gorgeous beast which is Alexa - where have you possibly been for the last few years? - she is a English television presenter, model and contributing editor at British Vogue - she has it all!! Her style has won her a Mulberry bag named in her honour (she must be doing something right) with her unique and uncanny ability to stay ahead of the trends and manage to wow us all winning British Style Icon three years running, she is truly a vintage chic goddess. 

Her are some of my favourite Alexa Chung moments - WARNING if you are easily dazzled you may want to look away:

Created in the Polyvore iPhone app.

ALEXA CHUNG YOU ROCK! Everyone go get her book IT and tell me what you think below about her, her style or her book if you already have it. Alexa you are most definitely a IT girl..

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  1. Replies
    1. The book is really good, the pictures and the content! I would defineitly get it if I were you...but I have heard that it's a copy of the Rookie Yearbook - I havent read that one though!

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  3. I read it and it was cute and all but not a real book! More like a personal inspiration thingy..



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