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Monday, March 02, 2015

"Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it" - Marc Jacobs.

If you haven't gathered from the wise words of Marc Jacobs, Hot Crown is a high quality fashion jewellery brand offering personalised jewellery with engraving, gold jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings. So, I was so excited when I got the chance to interview the co-founder, Ginat after following each other on Twitter
Go get it girl!
Ginat and her fiancé (then boyfriend), Yisgav gave birth to Hot Crown on one very hot summer's day in 2013. Wanting to make affordable jewellery, they were inspired to create something stylish for women and girls all around the world. When I asked Ginat, what she did before the birth of Hot Crown that inspired the start of something so beautiful, jewelled gifts from her fiancé caused them to wonder why everything was so expensive and whether they could be the geniuses to create something that would be more affordable but still beautiful and elegant. And although inexpensive, each and every Hot Crown piece is handmade by Yisgav. 

Recently after launching their new collection, the Berlin collection, everything unfortunately for us sold out. Inspired by a magical vacation in Berlin and proposal, they decided to commemorate this by designing a collection!  

Wall Bracelet

"For me, a piece of jewellery is a reminder to everything that is important in life. Whether it's my engagement ring or a ring that I made in a special time in my life. Also, it's so fun when people stop me in the street and ask me where my ring or necklace are from... My entire day is all about jewellery - gathering inspiration for new collections, designing new pieces, thinking of complementing accessories" 

Everyone has essential accessories for everyday wear, for me, my fine gold necklaces are a must. So, of course I had to ask the co-founder of a jewellery brand what her essential accessories were, "first thing each morning (okay, almost), I arrange my "must pieces" which are Becky ringMaria ring (on my pinky finger) and an inlaid Half Plate ring on my index finger. But I never wear the exact same jewellery... Some days I wear the Rachel, Monica and Jessica rings - all stacked on the same finger, and all in silver. But one piece that I don't take off is our Pop Star necklace, it's my favourite and it looks great alone or layered with other necklaces. I always have the little triangle earring and a heart earring (on the same ear). I collect hats from all over the place - anywhere I visit in the world - and  I love wearing them when it's not too hot. I also really love scarves (silk squares or "real" long scarves) which is good because my throat is really sensitive."
    Hammered Becky Ring  Maria RingHalf Plate ring full Inlaid
Hot Crown is most definitely hot, offering a wide array of classic designs that will never be out of fashion. Making Hot Crown trend leaders and a great solution for any girl or woman that wants a quality piece of jewellery. Inspired, I was more than excited to see what Hot Crown had in-store for the future and how they would wow us all. "Right now we're working on our first store! A little boutique in the prettiest part of Tel Aviv, just near the sea - Neve Zedek. We hope it will be home to our Hot Crown princesses and that they'll come visit us often. We're also constantly working on our website and plan to re-launch soon." So, to all of my international readers and I know some of you live in Israel, keep your eyes open. 

"Our inspiration comes from the everyday life and our customers but we're also always inspired by royalty and timeless elegance.

I can't thank Ginat enough for taking the time to let me interview her, inspired by her work, determination and love for beautiful things I was honoured. 

Website: HotCrown.com
Twitter: @Hot_Crown

Congratulations to the beautiful couple. 

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  1. Loving the Marc Jacobs quote and this story! The linda is my personal fave, so simple, I love midi rings! http://cottonandcandie.blogspot.co.uk



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