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Should I Buy This?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

As our eyes met across the crowded room, it felt like I was the starring role in a love film. With my palms sweating in anticipation, my eyes glazed over from desire and butterflies circling deep in the pit of my stomach. Tunnel vision quickly kicked in and all my focus and attention was on him and all his glory. I kept telling myself, "don't stare Lauren, just play it cool. Don't be too obvious. ACT cute". But his gaze never left mine and shortly I found myself walking towards him; my mind screaming stop but my legs just kept walking forward. And as I looked deep into his enchantingly dark eyes and he did mine, I quickly realised, I fell into the never-ending trap of lust again and now all I could hear were those sweet words, "you would look great in this, buy me Lauren, BUY me".

More often than not I catch myself having what best is called, ‘The Green Scarf Moment’. Where that price tag tells you “no, don’t do it”, but the item of the moment manages to charm his way to making you believe this item is an investment piece or better yet a “staple” piece and quite frankly, you would have to be a fool to turn your back on it. So, you make that matrimonial walk to the till, only to realise once you’ve got home that Prince Charming isn’t as charming in your wardrobe as he was in the store. And although occasionally, I am able to beat the blues which come with lustful shopping, not everyone is as lucky as me to have a Fairy Godmother aka my best friend, Naila, to peel you away from the toad in disguise.

But have no fear my Rebecca Bloomwoods’, I am about to turn into that Fairy Godmother and teach you how to cheat your destiny with Derek Smith - without making you freeze your credit card in a block of ice or attend shopaholics anonymous. Everyone loves a good shopping spree, whether it’s because there is a sale, its payday, it’s a new season or you just need some ‘retail therapy’. But with women only wearing 20-30% of their wardrobes – I am hereby guilty - you have to wonder if your cash and space is being wasted. So I’ve come up with a quick way to stop you from saying “I have nothing to wear” and to figure out if he’s a toad or Prince Charming. Trust me, you’ll be thanking me later!

Once you’ve spotted your hottie, headed over to check the tag and made your decision as to whether he gets to second base. Bear in mind that this item may set you back on future spontaneous plans/outings, any savings that you have or even from the real hottie (yes, that can happen too; you buy something then find something better and it’s too late). Once the decision has been made as to whether he has a chance, it’s time to decide if he’s a keeper and that’s where my all important questions come into play. So, ask yourself:

1) Am I buying this because it's on sale? Many people will end up purchasing something just because it's on sale and don't want to miss out on a bargain. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO SHOP!

2) What will I wear this with? Think of at least two outfits that the item can be worn with. If the item requires a whole outfit, he's not a keeper. You don't get into a relationship, knowing that you need another three boyfriends (or girlfriends) to complete the package. So, back on the rack!

3) Does it fit right? Buying clothes as an incentive to loss or gain weight often leads to clothes never being worn. Leave it on the rack.

4) Do I have a place to wear it to? Is there any point buying a wedding dress when there is no ring on our finger? No, then why buy an item for a future fantasy event. Girl, put it down!

5) Is it comfortable? You don't want to be spending all day pulling up the back or itching - its not cute. If its annoying in the store its even more annoying in your wardrobe, leave it.

6) Am I buying this because of the brand? If you're a brand junkie and only want to buy it because of the brand; step away from the rack, I repeat, step away!

6) Am I filling a gap in your wardrobe? If you already have 8 duster coats, it's pretty obvious that you don't need another one - unless this one, washes your hair, sorts out your love life and feeds you chocolate while your on your period...no? I thought not. Bring something new to your wardrobe; spice up your life!

Lastly) Do I totally love this piece? Could you see yourself wearing this more than once (and not in the same outfit)? If the answer is yes, and you genuinely love the item, then you better get it and werk it for eternity (or at least two seasons).

If you’ve answered all those questions and still end up saying each morning, “I have nothing to wear” looking at a wardrobe full of toads, you deserve a date with Derek Smith! 

Last little tips: try everything on in the store, then again once you’ve got home BUT don’t ripe off any tags/stickers until you’ve tried it and still love it. Most importantly, keep those receipts safe!

If you’ve followed all those tips and tricks, you may just save yourself a lot of cash and time from staring at your wardrobe blankly. Remember women only wear 20-30% of their wardrobe, which means 80-70% of your shopping money is being wasted by just hanging in your wardrobe.

Need some help on deciding what you should keep, toss or giveaway? Throw a Take or Toss party and invite some of your stylish friends to help you decide whether you should keep or throw that skirt from two season ago away. If Carrie Bradshaw could do it, so can you! Get that clutter out!

I would love to hear your shopaholic stories, share below and tell me what you think of this post; could it change your shopping ways or are you still left stuck in a rut of Rebecca Bloomwood 007? 

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  1. Oh my days this post is brilliant! I LOVE the COAS references and definitely need to take these tips on board. Love your blog and have just followed via Bloglovin! Keep the great posts coming x

    Angi | www.twodifferentworlds.com

    1. I love the film and when it comes to shopping, it is definitely one to refer to - that and Sex and the City! Thank you for your support and kind words. Hope you continue to enjoy what I have to offer x

  2. I very much enjoyed reading this post. It was both entertaining and accurate.


    1. I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for reading and I hope you make better shopping choices ;) x

  3. Replies
    1. Number 6 is most probably about most girls. But 100 pairs of (the same cut) denim jeans or whatever else is not necessary. Save that money and get something fresh and new. Spice up your wardrobe x

  4. Number 1 is my biggest sin! Price is always such a swaying factor with me, such a bargain hunter! Fab blog xx

    Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

    1. The bargain hunter lives within us all! Thank you xo

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