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Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Styling came natural because I wanted to design but when you're 16-17 and haven't been taught how to sew, you have to figure out where you fit in. My first job was for a cast member from Bad Girls Club, then I moved on to singers/TV and then to being published in Magazines!” says Perrin, the man behind the brand.

Social media definitely has its benefits. Think about it, how many relationships have been formed due to a follow or like, or how many opportunities have arisen due to being on the right platform? The answer is thousands, if not millions. So, when I happened to follow one stylish man named Perrin and received a follow back, I didn't think months later I would be interviewing the man behind the brand, The Gloss. To those of you who don't follow me on Twitter - which is rather shameful - Perrin is the wardrobe stylist/co-owner of The Gloss, a brand that creates clothes for the girl who doesn't want to live on a 'on trend' base lifestyle; instead she mixes and matches her brands. "We want our customers to go out and spend money on investments and pair those investments with our clothes. Just recently someone ordered a dress from us and wore her Phillip Lim bag to a dinner that for us was amazing."

Before I could get an insight into the brand, I really wanted to get to know one of the main men behind it all. Perrin's love for fashion came when he was young; at around the age of 11/12, Perrin was caught in a sketching frenzy. His obvious talent and love for fashion then lead to his parents gifting him with the ultimate gift that would impact and shape his future; a sewing machine. Perrin fell so in love with the industry that he studied magazines for years, learnt all the designers names and who designed for what. Which eventually lead him to his internship with the TV personality Paul Wharton as an assistant, as he appeared on the hit Bravo show, 'The Real Housewives of D.C". Perrin ended up styling him for a magazine cover and then going on to working with his Modelling Agency. His eye for fashion and clear talent pushed him to start booking his own jobs styling as well as working in Public Relations for brands in NYC.

And just when he thought it couldn't get any better, it did! Perrin has had the chance to style JoJo, Zendaya, Dawn Richards, Lil Debbie, Azealia Banks and most recently the singer/song writer behind Rihanna's hit "BBHMM", Bibi Bourelly! And that's just a fraction of the pretty awesome list. After becoming infamous for styling some of the greats, Perrin was always asked by girls’ when/if he would ever open a store and although each time, Perrin replied with the disappointing answer of 'no', he would give away pieces he had left over from shoots or never used to friends - I think I need to befriend a stylist! "I got tired of pulling from other brands for shoots and when styling, I wanted something of my own. My boyfriend William and I created The Gloss and what it is this day." 

Dreams are formed every day, but it often takes skill, resources and time to achieve those dreams; and that was exactly the case for Perrin and William. After the dream of 'The Gloss' was formed, Perrin and William then realised that not only didn't they have the resources but they also lacked some of the skills needed to create the ultimate brand and therefore needed the ultimate team. After 2 years of putting The Gloss on hold and focusing on styling, Perrin finally got his shit together (literally) and The Gloss was born! "We've been open for about a month now and it's more than what we all dreamt, let alone thought could happen."

After discovering a little more about the man, I desperately wanted to know about the brand. With their first season coming up, I was excited to see what was in store for The Gloss gal or guy. And the best way to find that out is to understand the story behind a collection. For any and every designer, there is always a story/inspiration, whether it’s a muse, a location or an era that inspired the formation - what inspires the collection is what creates it. And I think it's fair to say, Perrin's answer most definitely has me excited for the launch, "We're really we're inspired by street wear in the 09's, NYC in 96-98 was crazy cool, effortless style. This fall we want to introduce floor length bombers to our customers; sleeveless coats, oversized fur coats in a denim jacket form with a collar and buttons. This fall will be The Gloss's first season! We want it to be special items that can worn for many years to come." 

With A/W witnessing a craze amount of duster coats, fur on items other than coats, patchwork, eastern influence, velvet, slip dresses and eighties inspired clothes, The Gloss is due to be very on trend - I'm just dying to see that floor length bomber! And when on trend, on par for success. With a bright and stylish future ahead, I had to ultimate question, "what's next?" - Yes, I'm nosey! But I know you want to know too, “For now, we are working on our cosmetics line! People hear "The Gloss" and instantly think make-up, so it makes sense. We are also adding more sections to the store so it's be easier for our customers to navigate. And of course, we're working with a bunch of amazing stylist, so more shoots are to be expected."

As expected, when asking the man of the moment, what excites him the most about The Gloss, his answered mirrored any passionate artist who loves their work, “seeing people buy our products; like getting items for a Birthday look. It's crazy, we really didn't know what to expect when we opened the shop, we thought it would be this little store, and we now have customers in NYC, Miami, Hawaii, and London it's still unreal!" Unreal it is, especially for a store that's only been operating for a month or so.

Before I could wrap up the interview, I really had to ask the founder and owner/stylist of The Gloss what his favourite fashion item is at the moment and who is his style icon. And as suspected, "RIHANNA! It’s always been her. Every time I need inspiration or an idea on how to piece together looks, I go to her. I literally have a file of looks from 2010-2015! She keeps all of us on our toes! And my favourite fashion items now are sunglasses and this Transparent Hermes Bag from my shop! I love that I can wear 5 different colours of the same glasses with multiple looks! “- I mean who doesn't love Ri, or see her as an icon of an era and as for sunnies, he's a man after my own heart!

"We want girls and boys to be able to find items they'll love forever, we say this all the time but we provide staple pieces with a twist, if you see a handbag from us, it's not your normal leather staple bag, it's transparent or has a pop of colour, nothing is "basic" we love simplicity, but we want to provide a range of timeless pieces!" 

I can't thank Perrin enough for taking the time out to chat with me, hearing about the success of a dream always inspires me to do better and be better. Don't forget to follow the man behind the brand on social media and The Gloss:

Instagram: @IntoDaGloss
The Gloss Twitter: @GlossTheLabel
Perrin Twitter: @IntoDaGloss

Any words of wisdom Perrin for aspiring fashion designers/creatives?

"If you have your eyes set on anything in the creative field - whether your in high school, college or an adult - and you're unsure of what the next step is, take some time to study, use the Internet and read up on blogs and magazines; being self taught and learning on your own terms outside of going to school is really important. Fashion for me isn't a "thing" or a "hobby" its an emotion. I feel like it makes me feel some type of way, it's really all I know and am good at. Stick to what you want to focus on. If you're interested in doing an internship; study the brand you're interested in, see who their customer is and what market they are targeting, be professional always and stay true to what you want. If you want to do isn't for you try something new but never give up or let it get to you personally, fashion is all about opinion's - good or bad"

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  1. This was an amazing article! Really love how honest this was!

    1. I'm glad you like it! Perrin definitely gave me a lot of honesty to work with. Hopefully next time, I'll be able to interview both of the guys (Perrin and William) for when FK hits Youtube! Thanks for reading!

  2. Great interview! Loved reading about how he came up, he deserves all that success! - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  3. He really does, the brand is great! I'm glad you liked the interview



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