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The Fashion Week Survival Kit

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fashion Week is coming to an end in New York and the London fashion pack are getting ready for their intense week of designers showcasing AW16. Soon we’ll see the well heeled and stylish competing to be seen, papped and seated at the best shows and runways. Bloggers, stylists, fashionistas’ and lovers of fashion will be slaying the best LFW styles and commenting on their loves and damning the questionables… bad!

So in the ever competing fight to see and be seen; how does she survive?

This season, I’ve rounded up some of the essentials every fashionista needs in her a bag if she plans a day (let alone a week) full of fashion shows, presentations, and parties:

Get bold, get bright or even get dark. But always be confident and ready! One of the easiest ways to change up or down a look is to keep one or two party proof lipsticks. For a bright, bold and sultry look, opt for the ‘snow white red’ (as make up artists are calling it) lipstick, as seen at Acne, DKNY and Celine’s SS16 runway show. Or, better yet opt for a dark and moody lip, as seen at Givenchy and Miu Miu’s SS16 runway show.

Whether you want to hide the amount of fun you had the night before, are opting for an aloof and mysterious look or you just can’t bear to look anyone in the eye. A pair of oversized cat eye sunglasses is all you need! #TIP: keep those shades on all day then take them off during the evening to show off your night makeup look. This will save you from having to create two different makeup looks!

Fashion Week can be VERY expensive, if your not careful! To cut out unnecessary costs, pack a few snacks in the bottom of your bag. Whether that is a granola bar that was included in your gift bag from an event the night before – don’t underestimate those gifts – or some fruit. Having snacks is handy for every busy fashionista in-between shows.

You better find somewhere to put those flats! I’ve often made the dreaded mistake of going a whole day in heels and the pain that often comes with running around central London in heels is undeniably the true definition of ‘beauty is pain’. But that pain can be prevented. Trade those blisters for a pair of ‘fancy’ flats. A pair of flats just as cute as your heels will save your toes from days of agonizing recovery. Trust me, they’ll thank me later on!

It doesn’t matter how on point your outfit is looking, ashy hands are unforgivable! A large part of Fashion Week is amount networking and no one wants to be shaking hands with sand paper! Not only is this tub of cream perfect for hydrating your skin without making them feel sticky, but it came 2nd in the ‘best hand creams of 2015’ list presented by the Independent. 

Stay connected and online with this Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank! This stylish portable charger will be keep your iPhone, camera and iPad charged throughout the day, with no hassle or need to recharge. And if that hasn’t convinced you enough, TechAdvisor’s have listed it as the 2nd best power bank in 2016 in the UK.

If you have oily skin, oil-blotting sheets are a must-have for Fashion Week! With pictures constantly being taken, blotting sheets help remove excess oil and keep your skin matte and picture perfect for hours.

Ever tried to fit a DSLR camera in a clutch bag? Let’s just agree that probably didn’t work very well. So instead of carrying around your ‘too oversized for a clutch’ DSLR, carry this 4-in-1 lens clip. Take your pictures from average to professional with its four versatile lens options; fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro, and 15x macro. So you can now leave your DSLR at home without feeling like a bad fashionista, because sometimes all you need is an iPhone and a lens clip to take pictures worth 1,000 likes!

Fashion Week is always fun, whether your there to capture street style inspiration or attending fashion shows. So have fun, get inspired and capture beautiful moments, it only ever comes around twice a year!

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  1. Heading to Fashion week in a few days - this was definitely beneficial to read! x


    1. Thank you Zoe! I hope this posts helps you to pack light and effectively. Enjoy Fashion Week x



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