What I Wore: Fashion Killer's 3rd Birthday in Neon Heaven

Sunday, June 12, 2016

This time three years ago, I decided to start blogging again. My plan was simple; "create a platform that expresses your creativity, passions, and writing ability." But as everything in life goes, my plan evolved. A plan that was once simple and straight forward turned into this wild aim to create a one-stop authentic source for emerging fashion, beauty and lifestyle, with the mission to inspire up to the minute looks and trends, as well as socially engage and inspire women online. Have I succeeded? I'm not entirely sure..

Typically, I would talk about how much my life has changed since blogging, but I think most of you have witnessed and joined me on my journey, so, let's jump straight into the 'What I Wore' segment!

What I Wore:
In any other country, this outfit would not be the most seasonally appropriate. But when you live in London and the weather quite doesn't know what season it's in, this look is perfect. Lilac-grey is one of my favourite colours for Spring/Summer, so, I had to steal this ribbed bodycon beauty from the One One Three HQ. I'm usually not a bodycon dress kind of girl, but this ribbed weightless dress had to come home with me!

What I Wore:
Ribbed Bodycon Dress: One One Three - unfortunately sold out :(
*For 15% off use my discount code FK15*
Oversized Pink Duster Coat: Similar styles
Old pair of boots from Zara
Quay Sunglasses, can be brought in store in Topshop
Mixture of gold ring: similar styles

Before, I never would have dreamt of wearing a close-fit dress, but I absolutely loved pairing it with my (very old and abused) oversized pink coat. There's something really refreshing and fun about pairing pastels and bold colours together! Thank you to the amazing and awesome Annie Campbell, who celebrated this day with me. Now it's time to party!!

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P.s. Thank you for all your support in the last three years! Your comments, shares, likes, retweets and emails have meant the world to be. This year marks my third year blogging on Fashion Killer, and I am so excited for all of you to join me in this next phase of this journey. I've got some real treats in store for you ALL!

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  1. Love your outfit and the location! I just followed you on Bloglogin, Insta, Twitter & Pinterest haha. Thanks for visiting my site! Got to discover yours <3

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it enough to follow and comment x

  2. You are slaying it in these photos! Congrats on all the success with FK I know you will continue smashing it in the future!


    1. Thank you so much Kemi! I really appreciate your support! xx

  3. I LOVE your pink coat, it's so pretty! You look amazing as well <3


    1. Thank you Lauren! I wish it looked as amazing as it did when I first brought it. But the old thing doesn't look too bad. Thank you for reading! xx



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