Fav Jewels: Earrings

Whether you are all about being glam or a minimalistic, having the right jewels on can make your outfit really pop. Even now I occasionally hear my mother say “where are your accessories”. Although some people aren’t into wearing full on accessories; necklace, bracelets etc. But if you just put in a pair of bright earrings you can make your outfit go really far. 

As a person who likes bright colours and feels naked without earrings, earrings are really essential when pulling an outfit together. Whether you are wearing all black and just need a bright colour to break it up a little or you are already a bright soul and just need a bit more of a kick, earrings are for you! 

I am such a fan of ASOS and all of the earrings I will show you today have been made by those little angels at ASOS. So, here are my fav jewels: 

All of these earrings can be found on ASOS! Which are your favs?

If you want to see some more of my fav jewels check out my shopcade list: https://www.shopcade.com/laurencoppin-campbell/lists/5288c6ee66a92f542f25de47/fav-jewels-earrings

Leave a comment below, telling me what you think of today’s post. 

  • OMG! I never knew ASOS accessories were so cute! I'm a new fan. Thanks for this.

    <3 Carsla

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  • Lol, I can't walk out of my house without my accessories on. It completes an outfit:)
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  • these are fundamental creative things, that the whole world should see