What's happened to ASOS?

If you are a regular reader, you already know that I am pretty much an asos princess, with around 3 packages a month coming in and out of my house.  However, it saddens me that more often than not I am having to make my way down to the post office to return pieces of (what I thought were dreamy) items and even more embarrassingly, I’ve become that “the girl with the asos packages” at my local.

After having a conversation with my mum yesterday, it was very obvious that I needed to write this blog post, having been a loyal customer for the last 5 years. The online shop which launched in 2000 has definitely evolved over the years yet their own label’s quality has failed to impress me time and time again. From items not looking like how they should to the material either being too thin or just not acceptable for the amount it was worth – which breaks my heart to say but what’s happened to asos?

On multiple occasions, I have gone through the experience of purchasing something which I am so excited to wear and hold in my hands and then being hit with the absolute sadness of looking at this item and not seeing what was displayed on the site and me being me getting very upset when having to say goodbye – yes I said it, I have a strange relationship with clothes; stop judging me..

#BigBootyProblem; I am faced with this problems daily and find shopping for clothes a complete annoyance in certain outlets, from skirts being a great length at the front and showing what I’ve eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the back to jeans fitting great around my legs and bum and loose on my waist and the list goes on. Although this problem isn’t just an “asos problem”, this is still a major problem on the high street – for me anyway.

Colours, colours, colours; I am a sucker for bright colours, whether that’s on a dress, shirt, skirt, trousers or purse – bright colours are definitely my thing for S/S14 (blog post coming soon)! So, you can only imagine how I feel when I see a bright yellow coat, for example, on the site, purchase the coat and once delivered find out the colour isn’t even close to being as bright as I thought or saw on the website. Now this may just be down to me having the brightness on my devices too high but after speaking to a couple of friends on the matter, I later found out semi-bright screens couldn’t have been the cause to all of our deception.

There are so many more factors I could discuss, such as:

  • wash ability 
  • fast fashion 
  • models

If you’ve ever had any issues with your online purchases, do comment below. I would love to know I’m not the only one that is faced with these troubles, so share the love!

  • I've only ordered from Asos a couple times and it was okay, but I know what you mean about the "fast fashion" point. They might even be using similar merchandisers to Forever 21, who sells super cheap quality clothes in the name of fast fashion. It's a pity!

  • Hey Lauren, thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on us. Here at ASOS we love feedback, the amazing and the not quite there.

    Rest assured, every thing you have mentioned has been passed over, what would be be if we didn't listen to what our customers want and need. We know how important looking good is and we want every one of our customers to feel their very best when stepping out in that Bright yellow coat.

    If you ever feel like you need to air your thoughts, or have any ideas on how we can do better, feel free to drop us another tweet or you can send us a message on our Facebook account. ASOS Chantelle

  • Really interesting to hear this and for once actually having a diffrent take on ASOS I sort of know the things your talking about. And have been in a place where that has happened to me! I've just ordered some stuff from ASOS so i am keeping my fingers crossed im happy with them x


  • I love that you wrote this post as I had to do a paper on the company and I really agree with everything you've said!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award!!

  • I love ASOS but I had a similar experience as you. This is why I stopped buying clothes from ASOS own brand, I know this is a shame but honestly I just can't stand the quality of the fabrics and the types of fabrics used in certain clothes. Everytime I liked something on their website and was just about to click buy, I had a second look at what it is made of. Acrylic, polyester – no, thank you. I want to wear cotton, silk, wool and viscose!

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree with your comment. I use ASOS all the time. I love ASOS (apart from this week as my delivery has gone AWOL and trying to sort it out in a series of 140 character tweets and unhelpful DMs is "challenging" to say the least) but anyway I digress… I buy the brands on there I trust, and ASOS have even introduced me to a couple of new brands. But their own label stuff (where you would expect they could make some killer margins!) is just not worth the click. Shame, it seems a missed opportunity – but the quality and cut of their own stuff, well, just doesn't make the cut.