Blogger of the month – Small vs Big

This blog post is all about blogger appreciation and praising those who have a massive and not so massive following. In my eyes every blogger deserves to be treated the same and based on their content not their following, however, working in this number crazed industry, bloggers with more followers tend to receive more attention, respect and praise than those with less following and amazing content. So, it is important for me to appreciate, congratulate and praise both my fellow small bloggers and amazing big bloggers,

So, my big blogger of the month has to be Miss Nadia Aboulhosn –

Nadia has been one of my fave bloggers for a long time and you can be sure whenever I am in desperate need of style inspo her blog and instagram feed is the first place I head to. This curvaceous beauty recently released her own app and of course I was quick to download and tweet – you can also download it here

Here are some of my favourite looks of her’s:

Other than not being your average petite skinny minny blogger (which I can totally relate to) she is a fab lady with some killer eyebrows and has just collaborated with BoohooPLUS, go check that out!! So, her is my big blogger of the month, keep being fab and werk it!!! 

Doing my small blogger of the month award was really difficult. I really tried to not pick my friends but after a month deliberating. My small blogger of the month has to be my blogging sis Zainab Daramy – The Seas Of Fashion (yes, I’ve picked one of my friends but this is definitely deserved)

Zainab is a super creative and cool girl, I was lucky enough to work with her when I was ambassador of Mooi en Lief in August. Her passion for art and fashion is apparent throughout her personally designed blog. Zainab, you inspire me, blogging from such a young age, you are definitely a hidden gem!

Drawing of Nyane
By Zainab

Mooi en Lief Wellies customised by Zainab

Thank you to both of you beautiful ladies for being you and being fabulous. Of course, check out their blogs and social media. You may even end of loving them as much as I do! 

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Zainab’s social media: