FK Adventures: Pergola on the Roof

There’s nothing like watching the sunset from a rooftop while sipping a fruity cocktail! Thanks to my go-to Dojo – if you don’t have it get it! It’s an essential – Bunmi, Adama and I ended up at Pergola on the Roof last night. Located on the top floor of a car park in Shepherd’s Bush, the Mediterranean was brought to West London. Between the gorgeous décor and choice of four stellar London restaurants – Salt Yard, Patty & Bun, LeCoq and Rabbit – we were in absolute awe. Not to mention, the bartender was pretty cute…and so was one of the hosts/waiters…oh, and the security man…and a few of the punters actually…is it that obvious that I’m single?

After checking out each restaurant stall, we all set our paws on the pork belly brioche with crackling, pickles and apple puree, which was an absolute treat. The tender and flavoursome contrast of the pork belly with the sweet and crisp crackling topped off apple puree had me in food heaven. It was divine!

Who knew going out on a work night was such a thing? Despite being a Wednesday evening, Pergola felt as busy and lively as a Friday night! So busy we had to wait for 45 minutes to get up on the roof – but it was worth the wait.

So, I would strongly advise you to book a reservation…like now! Not only does it mean instant access to the roof, it also means V.I.P treatment…guaranteed seating. As we didn’t book a reservation, we spent a lot of the time standing, on the look out for a table to sit at and checking out the boys. After a few hours, a very helpful (and cute) staff member found us a perfect little table under the fetching vine covered Pergola roof.

So, for a fun and fresh summer evening that feels more like you’re in Greece than White City, head down to Pergola on the Roof. We had an amazing time!

What I Wore: 

White Mesh Dress with Slip from ASOS – last season.

H&M Orange Fringe Hoop Earrings

Waffler Two Part Wedges from Topshop – last season. 

Mix and match of gold rings

What Bunmi Wore: 

Miss Selfridge White Playsuit. 

For more information on her look, message her on social media @ImBumasCloset or @BumasCloset

So, will you be heading down to White City this summer?

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