Am I asking for too much?

Shot by Alise Jane

This question was sparked by a poll I did on my Instagram stories: do you agree with SZA? In an interview, ‘The Weekend’ singer (no, that wasn’t shade…ok maybe just a little), stated that expecting too much, like a text back, is killing the joys of relationships.

Immediately, I wondered am I expecting too much then? Earlier this year, I confronted a guy I liked about the same thing. Hi, if you’re reading this. More often than not, he’d initiate a conversation, then after my second reply would disappear. I’m not talking hours but days, once even a week.

Yet, would respond to my Instagram stories, and send me memes. Modern day romance…not!

Then when he’d message me again, he’d ignore the previous conversation we’d had and start a new one. The first time this happened, I wondered if I had said something wrong. But I’m pretty sure my standard response to “what you up to?” wasn’t that offensive. The second time, I didn’t say anything again, but by the third time, I had had enough.

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So, here’s how it played out:

Me: You’re mad annoying.

Him: That’s random

Me: How are you starting a conversation and then not responding?

Him: When?

Me: Don’t worry

Him: I’m joking. Hi baby

Me: Nah

Him: Wow

And that was the end.

Now, is it possible I overreacted? Probably. But was it rude of him to think he could pop in and out of my life and then act as nothing happened? Hell yes!

“The pop in and out” might be a little dramatic, but hear me out.

In an age, when people are pretty much disposable, and someone is being ghosted every second – I don’t know if that’s a fact, but allow me to be dramatic. Dating has become this game, that I find way too tricky to play, and just want to sign out of. Especially if common, basic level communication is seen as ‘entitlement’.

Do I expect you to respond immediately? No. But do I think it’s rude for you to leave me hanging or on ‘read’ for days? Hell yes.

I’m sure you’d say: well Lauren-Nicole, sorry to break it to you. But maybe he just wasn’t that into you? And I’d agree, perhaps he wasn’t.

But it would have been great if he could have just let me know that.

So, here’s my question to you: Are we setting our standards too high? Or maybe too low? I just hope 2019 will bring an end to the games because I can’t be bothered with it anymore.