ASOS Visit Series II

Before I begin, if you missed Series I you may want to have a quick read, ASOS Series I. To those of you that read series one, welcome back…

While at ASOS Head Office, I learnt a lot about the models, new collections and trends. And I think it’s fair to say this collection by be my favourite out of all three collections ASOS are giving us this A/W. Although premium and way out of my monthly budget, ASOS have pulled it out the bag with this Normcore Feast of a collection – that’s what I am calling it anyway…I would like to introduce you to the beauty that is called ASOS White! 

ASOS WHITE Mixed Leather Top £120 

ASOS WHITE Neoprene Trousers £75, Le Coq Sportif Trainers £75

ASOS WHITE Ombre Fur Coat £195
ASOS WHITE Leather Trouser £180
ASOS WHITE Clipped Jacquard Panel Khaki Top £65
 ASOS WHITE Clipped Jacquard Panel Khaki Trouser £75
ASOS WHITE Leather Cagoule £200

ASOS WHITE Weave Longline Cardigan £200
 ASOS WHITE Punched Poplin Shirt With Grandad Collar £45
ASOS Tailoring Cuff Hem Trouser £65

ASOS WHITE Longline Bomber Shirt Dress £90

ASOS WHITE Cross Back Viscose Vest £35
 ASOS WHITE Culottes £65

ASOS WHITE Leather Playsuit £180

ASOS WHITE Fur Jacket £150

The ASOS fur jacket and longline bomber shirt dress happens to be my favourite pieces from the collection, now you may be looking at the prices thinking what the hell, I can assure you however, the quality of the products are unlike any other and these pieces are really “investment pieces, things that you will be able to wear in 10 years from now”. And speaking of that, the collection will be launching tomorrow! Let me know what your favourite pieces are below and what you think about this premium collection. Series III coming very soon…