August Recap..

August was a crazy month with fashion killer representing Mooi en Lief and me being an ambassador for the brand, August witnessed the change and growth for FK and myself. I was so excited when I featured in a Mooi en Lief lifestyle magazine – Featured In – and then to be asked to be ambassador for August was incredible. Many of you may wonder what I actually did, especially if you didn’t follow my journey on twitter. 

As ambassador I helped to promote Mooi en Lief via various different ways. An amazing ASOS giveaway, getting bloggers to customise wellies and digital outfits all in the hopes of getting their very own feature in the next issue of Mooi en Lief lifestyle magazine and promoting the brand. 

Jessica Summers – Style of Summers 

Jessica decided to go for the Pink Buckle Wellies and here are two of my favourite looks from Miss Summers post. For more looks check out

Harriet Mullen – Glitter, Tea & Tartan

Harriet had some of my favourite looks out of all the bloggers, mainly because she channelled different styles to create amazing looks. To check out Harriet’s other looks paired with other wellies -which I suggest you do –

My friend Klaudia Wieteska – CloudSarina 

Klaudia definitely showed her of how she would wear pair the Black Buckle Wellies. To check out the rest of Klaudia’s look

Duo bloggers Harriet & Liv – We Speak Fashion 

Here are two of my fav looks from H&L! To check out the rest of the stylish duos outfit

Everyone keep your eyes peeled for my next post featuring Zainab (on the left) & Paolina (on the right), my customising babes!

In the meantime do check out the ladies blog post: Zainab – and Paolina –

I just wanted to write a post thanking all of the beautiful and creative bloggers for contributing and making me look fab. Additionally I would like to thank Jacequelina who had to receive thousands of emails, texts and phonecalls from me during the month and any of you who took part in the giveaway. Maybe your selected colour will be the next buckle wellie!!! 

I’m sorry I didn’t do any posts during the month as I was so tied up but the next couple of weeks there will be so many posts coming as well as a series of exclusive posts from my visit to ASOS! Trust me ASOS is kicking it and the info I have for you is out of this world so make sure you come back very soon!