Everyone loves bags, whether its big, small, from your local high street or a one of piece from your favourite designer label. Everyone has a inner bag worshipper lurking around and today with a little help it’s going to be brought out even more. Be prepared to loose yourself. 

Today I was lucky enough to experience just how mighty the feeling is, after being approached by Angela & Roi’s Team I learnt the simpler the better. 

Angela & Roi are a online handbag brand that combines fashion and philanthropy by colour. Plus, they use vegan leather to make their handbags, avoiding to harm animals! Not only are these bags super fabulous, A&R donate a portion of each handbag sale to chosen non-profit health organisations and increase the awareness of each cause by the colour of a handbag sold. Now, tell me that’s not a bag worth having. 

Here are my top 5 favourite bags from Angela & Roi (this was hard, very hard): 

Anyone who knows me knows I love a splash of colour and I love neon yellow. 

A&R’s Sunday Yellow- Neon Tote handbag is just beyond words. 

This bag comes in at $142, however to all my European readers it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to get our hands on A&R anytime soon as they only deliver to U.S. Territories including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. But wipe your tears, one day! 

Now that I’ve finished mopping and crying over this news, here’s my 2nd favourite type of bag. The Cross-Body bag is gorgeous. 

Before you say it, yes, it’s more than one bag but it is the same…just different colours. I hear you judging me, stop it, I know you are crazy for this bag too! These little beauties come in at $65. 

The next bag I’m about to show you is sold out, however, this bag is too cute to miss. 

This Classic Blue Cross-Body, would look amazing with almost everything and anything. This bag comes in at $93. Please A&R send this to me!! I can’t get enough!! 

This Square Mandarin-Orange Bag is also another one of my favs. It’s gold lock and simple style makes it even more appealing. 

Coming in at a super rad $148, how would you rock this bag?

Lastly, this Mini Vine Cross-Body is another fabulous piece from A&R. So fabulous that it is sold out. 

This little cute bag cost $78. But, how would you style it?

Everything that you have seen comes in lots of different out of this world colours. If you don’t believe me check out Angela & Roi for yourself –