Big Boobs Styling How-To For This Season

Big boobs are seen by some as a blessing and some as a curse. In one hand, big boobs provide great cushioning, warmth, and storage. While on the other hand, they come with issues such as too much cleavage, the struggle of doing anything athletic, and attention from (creepy) onlookers. Despite all the curses, big boobs are really a blessing in disguise – even if I sometimes wish I could chop mine off! So, I’ve come up with five style tips for girls who don’t like having to remind others where their eyes are, and some for those who aren’t remotely interested in minimising or compressing them. But most importantly, these tips are for the girl who wants to rock every possible trend this summer, and slay!

Before we can address any styling tips, we have to talk about bras! For years, I’ve absolutely hated bra shopping, but when you start to grow four boobs, you know it’s time to go and spend that hour or so looking for the right bra.

Invest! Buy at least one good bra that gives you full coverage to provide the most supportive base beneath your outfits. I would recommend checking out brands such as Bravissimo, Ultimo, Curvy Kate and Third Love. They offer great bras, that aren’t only pretty and sexy, but also provide great support, coverage, and variation in different styles perfect for almost any outfits.

Tip from my mum: “over the years, I’ve learnt the right bra is so important! It’s key to have a variety of different bras for different styles! So, I have a good plunge, push up and, minimiser!”

Next, focus on that waist! Buy clothes that accentuate your curves. This tip is overused, but it really does create the best silhouette and accents the bust. Although I love a good bodycon dress, I’m not always comfortable wearing them, so if you’re like me, you’ll be happy to hear they aren’t the only items that can accentuate your curves. Try looking for colour block tops with side panels that taper in toward the waist or with horizontal colour blocking, they have the power of making your waist look smaller than it is and accentuate curves perfectly! But if colour blocking isn’t for you, pair an A-line skirt and with your favourite t-shirt and tuck it in – it works just as well!

You shall wear a slip dress to the ball! This season, slip dresses are totally in, and those little spaghetti straps shouldn’t stop us from wearing them. So instead of going mad looking for the right bra…all you need is a  friendly T-shirt under! This way, no one will see your thick bra straps, and more importantly, you’ve just upgraded to the coolest fashionista level!

The barely-closed blazer is all you need to keep warm and stylish on a summer’s evening. The trick is to get the cleanest blazer that lengthens your torso, this will stop your bust from looking so wide and keep you chic. Also, pick the blazer with no buttons along your bust! Having a blazer that is open works so much better, and if you do want to close it, stick to ones that button up past your widest part.

I am totally living for Lavish Alice’s summer collection; so if you want a blazer that not only minimises your chest but also works as the best statement piece, Lavish Alice is what you need!

Lastly, balance it out! Whether you decide to wear pair your favourite t-shirt with a skirt or want to rock a dress; try an a-line dress/skirt or a dress with a fit-and-flare skirt. This will balance out your chest and make your waist appear smaller – which is an added bonus! 

Also, remember to just have fun with fashion this season. You don’t always have to stick to the rules! Try something different. Buy something you wouldn’t usually wear. Get dressed up just because you feel like it. You are beautiful!

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