Big Booty Problems: Solved!

There has never been a better time to have a big booty! With
the likes of Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians, we have witnessed an increase in
the popularity of the tush, making the butt one of the most celebrated assets
of our generation. But, all this love doesn’t erase the burdens that the
big-bootied bear.

  • Jeans not fitting correctly. You either end up with a huge
    gap in the waist or you can’t pull them over your butt. 
  • Your butt loves to eat your underwear…shorts…skirt…pretty
    much any and everything it can!
  • Your butt has a mind of it’s own! Whether it decides to
    knock over that drink or end up it someone’s face, squeezing between tables or
    aisles often leaves you feeling “betrayed by the booty.”
  • Most skirts and dresses are too short in the back. 
  • And so on…

Although, my newfound solution doesn’t eradicate every
problem we face, I have managed to give you ladies a solution for your jeans
not fitting perfectly, and it doesn’t entail heading to your local seamstress!

For years, I’ve brought my jeans from New Look, until I
spoke with one of ASOS’ model bookers about jeans, who advised me to try out some
jeans from ASOS – specifically the Ridley style.

And I have to thank this gem of a lady, because these jeans are a gift from big booty
heaven! The ASOS Ridley skinny jeans in steel grey fit like a glove, without
making me feel like my muscles, organs and curves are being suffocated and
compressed by denim. The high waist style also gives my body more
shape and sucks me in without cutting into my sides – which can be so difficult if you have a hourglass figure! I don’t know what ASOS have done, but they have completely knocked it out of the park with these bad boys, so hard out of the park, I’m no longer left with a huge gap in the waist. Yes ladies, I said no
longer left with a huge gap in the waist!

This may only be one big booty problem solved, but this is one that will have all your admirers singing In Those Jeans in their best Genuine impression. So, for a spray-on skinny looking jean, that still allows for room to breathe, try out ASOS’ Ridley style jeans! I’ll definitely be buying some more!!

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