Five Ways to get Ready for the Perfect Summer Holiday

It’s pretty ironic that I’m writing a ‘how
to get ready for your holiday’ post while flying thousands of feet up in the
air, en route to beautiful Barbados. But with still 5 hours to go, writing only
seems right while listening to Cressida,  we living life.


As I only booked my flight three weeks
before the date to jet off (my middle name is ‘last minute’ clearly), this post outlines
a couple of the things I did – and wish I did to make the preparation period
more relaxed and make me more glam. So, whether you’re a countdowner or
gal, here is how FK (would) prep for the ultimate getaway.

First step: Skin, Skin, SKIN.

Most of the time, the most anticipated and
exciting bit about going on holiday is being able to throw on those flip flops
and being in the sun, catching a mean tan. So, it’s important your skin matches
the beauty of your vacay, from the time you walk of that plane. So what do I
do, do I hear you cry? The answer is scrub! Whether you prefer a Dead Sea scrub
or coffee scrub, scrubbing weeks – or even days –  before your holiday is perfect to get rid of all
that dead skin, even your tone and have you feeling as smooth as a babies tosh.
For information on coffee scrubs and which ones I like, click here.

Second step: 

image1.JPGTo continue the glowing golden skin trend,
detoxing is a great way to cleanse your skin and colon – but warning, this may
cause a few more trips to the bathroom than usual. Last year, we saw a major
buzz about detox teas, with brands like Bootea and Slendertoxtea offering a
quick and easy way to reduce the bloat, increase metabolism, cleanse your
insides and have your skin glowing and being that I am such a  marketing guinea pig, I had to try out
anything and everything I could  – and I
advise you guys to do the same; but maybe just stick to the one!  Having tried both Bootea and Slendertoxtea day and night tea, I definitely would say that this is a perfect way to get
ready, whether you decide to test out the 27 or 14 days plan, it will have your
skin and insides glowing! (This is also perfect for my girls who can’t be
bothered with working out in the gym but want to lose a few inches on the

Third step: The perfect smile!

(Before I begin, I must confess I didn’t
follow this step exactly but if I had time/planned better this would have been
at the top of my “must do before vacay” list). Teeth whitening has become major
this season, with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Scott Disick showing off their
whiteys and DIY kits. Whether you decide to get pearl drops, a kit of your own
or stay away from the caffeine; having the pearly whites completes any great
Instagram picture, so smile!


Fourth step: Water, water, water!!

Water is the perfect way to clear and
hydrate your skin and reduce bloating. Hate having to deal with the attack of spots
while on holiday, or that ‘food baby’ that manages to appear even without food,
or even sheds of dry skin? The best way to combat this before that perfect
getaway, is drinking at least 2 liters of water a day in the running up. Yes,
this may be difficult for you water loathers, but the results will blow your
mind – Hydrated skin is the best skin! However, if water still doesn’t do the
trick, managing to budge those spots, invest in a little Witch stick! I have
sensitive skin and this is the only spot stick that doesn’t hurt my skin, cause
irritation or more spots.

Fifth & Final step: Deciding what to

Look through a few magazines to identify
what sort of look you want to go for, Bohemian babe or print splasher? Whatever
the trend is, snap a picture of the items you are looking for and use the
magical app COMB to find similar ( for example, if you happen to be looking a at
Chloé dress that there is no way you can afford) or that specific item. This simply
genius app works as your holiday stylist, helping to find all the looks you
need to blow up Instagram. To find out more about COMB, click here.

Although, not all of us are fortunate
enough to buy a whole new wardrobe for a 14 day trip to the Caribbean. So, look
through your wardrobe – and when I say look, I mean look thoroughly through
every item of clothing you have ever had in your life (I don’t mean that
hideous dress your mother had you wearing at 6, but you should be looking so
hard that you find it). Sometimes the best pieces are the ones you’ve forgotten
about in the back of your wardrobe! I sure did find a few gems on my hunt. 

If you’re not feeling holiday ready after
that, then I don’t know what will get you in the mood. Other than beautifying
yourself, make sure you have an outfit for every occasion, wax/shave your legs, organise and pack your accessories, ones that compliment every outfit – there is no less is
more when it comes to packing accessories – and have a minimum of three bags/clutches that can be worn with your various
outfits – unless of course you’re not a bag girl, which seems rather
unconventional or have one bag that works for every outfit. 

Well, now that I’ve landed and had an amazing night’s sleep. It’s time to get washed, dressed and head out. To keep up with my travels and what I’m doing while in Barbados, follow me on Instagram @fashionkillerblog_ and follow me on Snapchat: 


Don’t forget to leave a comment below, I want to know where you are going this year and how you have prepared for your vacay.