For the Love of Shoes!

When my mother asks me, ‘what happened sausage legs?’, that isn’t a sign of endearment nor is it because I’ve just uploaded a picture of my legs, tanned and glossy by a beach or pool. It’s simply because my legs often look like two small chunky sausages wrapped up in cling film (otherwise known as my jeans). Sadly, I wasn’t blessed enough to be gifted with model-like long legs and my gorgeous thighs are a little thicker than your average model – correction; my thighs are a whole heap thicker than your average model. So, what’s the best way to tackle the ‘sausage legs’, I hear you ask? Shoes of course! 

The right shoe can change you from stumpy, short girl to long-legged beauty. At the end of the day, we all want our legs to look as fierce as Naomi Campbell, so here’s how to do it like a pro. 

Sneaker girls

There are so many different styles of trainers nowadays, there is no reason as to why a short girl can’t look a little taller and still rock some sneakers. From wedge trainers to platform, an extra inch or two is perfect for helping to create an allusion of longer, slimmer legs. Instead of opting for a classic flat trainer, try a platform trainer or even a wedge. The platform trainer will give you an extra inch or two, making you look taller. And a wedge trainer will give you an extra inch or two, making your legs look taller and slimmer. Either way, either styles can transform your legs/height and still keep have you comfortable and strutting like a model all day. 


If your a flats-kinda-girl like I am, you’re definitely more prone to having the dreaded ‘sausage legs’. And although flats are so much more convenient and comfortable, adding a few inches is possible. Just like trainers, there are many platform flats and tiny heeled flats available. However, the difference from sausage legs to Naomi Campbell may not be as grand, this is a great option for a little added height and comfort all at the same time. 


Summer is well and truly over, but who said you can’t still have your tootsies out? Sandals are most probably the best shoes for creating long legs. Whether you decided to opt for sandal heels, sandal platforms, sandal wedges or anything else in between, you will achieve longer, slimmer looking legs. For longer legs, all of the above work, but for the combination of longer and slimmer, opt for more of a heeled sandal or wedge sandal. Having your heel higher than the ball of your foot creates the allusion of slimmer looking legs! Only problem with sandal heels and I is, my feet start to hurt after a few hours of walking in them, but beauty is pain and all that right? 


Now that A/W is back, it’s time to dust off your boots and get them back on. My boots are the best for creating a longer and slimmer look. This fall, try a knee-high or under the knee boot, this is a great way to elongate your legs, especially when paired with a mini skirt or dress that is above the knee. Even if you decide you don’t want a heeled boot, having higher up the leg boots makes you look longer. Trust me, knee-high/near knee boots will be your best friend this A/W if you want to look taller. A great ankle boot also works, but I would recommend one with a little bit of a heel or even a platform; having that extra heel works all in your favor. Style tip: if you pair your ankle boots with a of jeans or trousers, make sure they are high ankle, showing a little bit of skin, causes you to look taller. But don’t take my word for it! Try it yourself. 

For the ladies who can relate with me and my short leg problems, I hope this helped! Don’t forget to leave a comment, I want to know what tips and tricks you have for creating the allusion of longer legs? One of my photography tricks that I live by is low angle shots! The lower your photographer is to the ground, the taller you look..