Giant Vintage: Clear Trend Pt 2

This may just be the Glass Slipper Trend Pt 2 (Click here for part one if you’re unsure of what I am talking about)! I’ve been searching for clear glasses for what feels like a lifetime and today this great thing called Google lead me to one of the coolest little boutiques I’ve ever seen on the world wide web!
GIANT VINTAGE!! WARNING, If you haven’t heard of them you are now about to read something which will blow your mind and lead you into a fantastic world of all things vintage, fab and glasses!

Before I get carried away with my new discovery her is what I’ve been looking for…

Although I could most probably get the same look by borrowing my school’s science lab glasses it wouldn’t be the same, until I came across Giant Vintage!

Giant Vintage have a range of different categorises to chose from and one being CLEAR. All hail God Google! Here are some of my fav clear pieces from Giant Vintage: 

These GIN crystal/ clear glasses are most probably my favourite clear glasses of all.

 Although I’m looking for a clear frame too these give of a Terry Richardson feel, in a good way…

These Raleigh crystal glasses also have me weak at my knees. 

Lastly these ZEKE Gold glasses have to be in my top 4. Mainly because they are clear and gold, what more could a girl ask for?

I suggest if you aren’t in love already and need a little bigger dosage you better go check out their other styles.

If you are not in love by now you are not human!!! everyone