Go Shorty It’s Your Birthday

Yes, it’s Fashion Killers 1st birthday! 

As a young blogger it’s often hard to stand out or have your blog seen as something other than just “another blog”, especially when there are so many other amazing blogger such as Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion, SheWearsFashionIDressMyselffVDR and my friend TheSeasOfFashion– just a few of my favourites. Being 16 and able to express myself creatively and have people from all around the world comment on what I do is so amazing to me. I’m often overwhelmed by the idea of people who I don’t even know commenting on my post, emailing me, reading and loving things that I have created and sharing. The last year has been a roller-coaster of absolute fun from London Fashion Week, working with Shopcade, being contacted by ASOS, having over 10 thousand views my blog, being featured in Mooi en Lief Lifestyle Magazine and being shortlisted as “Best Teen Style Blogger” for the Company Style Blogger awards, sometimes leaves me pinching my skin and that’s only a small fraction of what FK has achieved over the last year

Thank you to those 167 people who follow via GFC, thank you to those few who leave comments, thank you to those 16,911 people who have viewed my blog and lastly thank you all for supporting.

 Thank you of course to my family and friends – I was going to do a list of names but it I would be here all night trying to remember people.