I’m totally in love and obsessed with gold accessories. Whether I’m wearing my gold rings or my gold watch, most if not all my jewellery is gold. In fact most of my clothes have gold accents..

I had to show you these gold Doc Martins that I found while browsing through tumblr. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

  Here are a few of my favourite bits and pieces that I’ve found on the web.

Obsessed with gold. Yes, i told you…

Back to this..I will be taking you through all my favourite gold pieces (which I own) and if I can remember where they are from. 

First my earrings..I have so many gold earrings but I had to cut it down to my top fav to wear…

From Topshop, these cute square hoops..

I love these as I got them in the sale and they were under £15!

From urban outfitters – these are most probably my most worn out earrings EVER. I can’t get enough of urban outfitters!!

I will admit they are rather heavy and left my earring hole a little swollen the first time of wearing them but they are so worth it (now that I’m used to it)!

From primark, these adorable rusty gold cross earrings..

Moving on from my earrings here are my two favourite gold necklaces. 

Another buy from Urban Outfitters. Coming in at £18. Worth it? 

And from Topshop…

I never wear this necklace facing the front. The diamante at the front aren’t for me…but I still love to wear it!

Before you’re too overwhelmed by the gold goodness, the last little cute thing I want to show you is my ring…

Brought in Brick Lane one beautiful Sunday, I now can’t live without it. 

I hope this post has got you wanting some more gold accessories. Leave your comments below and tell me your thoughts on my gold obsession.