2013 has been a roller coaster of a year, I was able to start off the year in beautiful Mexico and although I’ll be ending it in London the joys and successes of 2013 bring me the warmth that Mexico brought me and more. My trip to New Orleans and meeting some of the greatest people I will ever meet including Tommie Smith was amazing, meeting the ultimate babe magnet Trey Songz was beyond words (he smells so good that I actually told him haha) and I was able to not only talk to Iggy Azalea on the phone (due to amazing friends – thank you Lois and Montana) but I then got to meet her, Idris Elba, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and many more the next day. Although in terms of meeting superstars I’ve had an amazing year I also fulfilled one of “2013 goals” by making this very blog. 

I just want to thank every pageviewer, every person who’s commented, gave feedback or shared my blog. You have all inspired and motivated me to do bigger and better things. Next Year is going to be a great year for me (I can feel it) and I’m so excited to document every moment. 

2014 Goals

  • Be happy 
  • Achieve everything I want to – school work, relationships etc
  • Learn to love and enjoy everything I do 
  • Communicate better 
  • Never hold back 
  • Love myself if I don’t who will
  • Believe in myself

2013 you have been so good to be HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

P.S thank you to everyone who contributed/helped me to get to my 100 GFC follower goal!