Health & Fitness Series: Smoothie of the Week

With my birthday coming up soon and my fitness level going down, my ambition to lose a stone by the 12th December may only be achieved with the idea that my readers and anyone who happens to come across my blog posts ever so often are able to witness my journey and progress in my attempt to beat the bulge for my bday. Inspired by Pret A Manger, my super smoothie definitely kept me fueled for the day and benefited me beyond belief, for example:

  • Loaded with heart-healthy oleic acid
  • Loaded with fiber
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Detoxify your liver
  • Improve the quality of blood
  • Reduce blood pressure

Other than benefiting me health wise, I was happy to have just this for my breakfast and didn’t feel the urge to snack or eat my next meal many hours later and a mighty shopping trip.

1 pear
1 apple
Slice of avocado
Chunk of cucumber
Small handful of spinach
A cup and a bit of water
And my secret – bit of flexx supps

After tasting, I then decided to add a small handful of unsalted cashews, adding a delicious froth and bulk to my smoothie. To make the best smoothie in seconds, I use my very amazing NutriBullet, but if your kitchen hasn’t been blessed by the touch of a NutriBullet, try to get and have one from this review of best juicing blenders as they will work to create this epic super green smoothie.

Honestly, this is one delicious smoothie and I was lucky enough to have remaining ingredients making an even more epic smoothie. However, if the sound of spinanch, avocado and cucumber in a drink makes you wince and you don’t trust me enough to tell how good this taste, pop into your local Pret A Manger (doesn’t contain the cashews however) and pick up one of these bad boys or make one yourself, trust me ┬áit will change your smoothie game and also improve your body and skin. Anyway, wish me luck, no carbs until December has begun (I’m missing the bread already) #FKGetsFit!

Got a diet plan/detox tea/anything health and fitness related you’ve been too apprehensive to try out or want someone else to give it a go before you fork out? Email me at and I will be happy to give it a go…