How to Stay Cool AND Stylish this Summer

It’s fair to say, us Brits are burning up! With the weather reaching sweltering temperatures, its pretty hard to not feel like you’re melting away, so, staying cool is more essential than ever. But who said you can’t stay cool and stylish at the same time? So, I have put together some of the best pieces you can wear this summer, that will keep you cool and airy, but best of all stylish and cute. To start it of, there is nothing better than a little off-the-shoulder action. To keep you feeling cool and stylish, while showing off a little skin – just don’t forget to double up on that sun screen, we don’t want any crazy tan line. 

Warning note: this trend requires a good strapless bra; when looking for the right bra, make sure:

  • The underwire fits firmly against your chest without gapping
  • If the strapless bra requires you pulling it up, you may need to go down a band size or few

Or if the style of the off-the-shoulder dress/top allows, a lingerie body could work too.

The Perfect Bra's

The Perfect Bra’s by fashionkillerblog featuring a strappy bra

is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a
wardrobe malfunction if you don’t choose the right thing to wear
underneath! – Adriana Lima. Adriana couldn’t have been more right, once you’ve got your underwear in check, you’re set to rule the world.

Off-the-shoulder is all good, but there comes a point when you need to be a little more free and what could be better than a playsuit. Whether you want to call it a romper or a playsuit, this item will be your all time bestfriend. While in Barbados, my playsuit was definitely my go-to when I couldn’t be bothered to wear my long maxi and wanted to feel the breeze on my leg. Although, the playsuit can quickly turn into your worst enemy when you’ve just got back from the club and are dying to pee – true story – this all in one is perfect. So I’ve picked some of my favourite rompers online, whether its for a casual day out or for a night on the town (please do pee as soon as you feel the urge, this could be sightly awkward if you leave it too long).

Of course, I couldn’t forget the playsuits older sister. For those of you who don’t really want to show off too much leg or couldn’t be bothered to shave, the jumpsuit is heaven sent.

If you’re not feeling cooler already, the only advice I have for you is get a fan or stay indoors. In addition to my three favourite items for summer; a cute pair of shorts, a long flowing maxi dress, eye catching skirts and tanks all work too
When it gets hot, we tend to suffer from LTF – for those of you who don’t know what that is, that’s Lazy, Tired and Forgetful. But its essential to remember that even though it’s hot, accessorising is still a must. Whether it’s a hat to block the haters sun, a pair of earrings, body jewellery or metallic tattoos. You still need to rock and let your inner Fashion Killer unleash in the heat – she wants to have fun to, you know! Personally, I like to keep it minimal, so I’ll either rock a pair of hoops, cute earrings or cuffs and stack up on some rings.

Oh and before I forget: Get creative with your sunglasses! Experiment; find out what suits your face and go to town!! I’m a sunglasses freak and will often spend 20 minutes trying on every sunglasses in a shop to find out what works for me. Do the same – maybe not 20 minutes, but try at least three different styles, I say buy two sets (minimum) of different styles each summer. But clearly, I have some shopping problems, so, you may not want to follow that, but I for sure have a killer sunglasses collection. Can you say the same?