Iskra Lawrence and GabiFresh on Body Image, Simply Be Advert and Style

Located in London’s most creative, engaged district, last week I enjoyed an evening of champagne, sunset views and simply beautiful company at the Simply Be A/W preview campaign at the Ace Hotel. Before the unveil of the advert featuring supermodel Iskra Lawrence and OG blogger, turn designer, Gabi Gregg (aka GabiFresh), Simply Be gave me unprecedented access to chat with the ladies before the rest of the guest flooded through the doors to enjoy an incredible five course meal.

As the sun began to set, the ladies and I casually spoke about their careers, the importance of body diversity and their cameo in the A/W advert – which is now being broadcasted on UK TV. ┬áHaving just flown in from working the runway, Iskra was glowing and beaming with joy, almost as much as Gabi, given her week of birthday celebration in Greece with her girl squad.

As women who act as representatives for curvy and plus size women, I had to ask how they became so body confident. ‘When I was in college, I found out about the body positive movement online and that was the first I ever heard women talk about being confident, plus side and loving fashion, so to find a community people who were also in the same boat changed my life!’ Gabi said, ‘it’s still a journey, I don’t think it’s a destination, everyday you have to work on it, especially in a world where people tell you. But realising your not alone helped with my self esteem.’ While Iskra stated the moment she was done changing to fit the ideals of the fashion modelling industry, was the day she became more confident with her body. Iskra later revealed that had body diversity been represented more in the media she probably wouldn’t have suffered from body dysmorphia or a mental illness. ‘It was what I dreamt off, and I felt like I couldn’t fit in!’

Watch our chat here:

Before I could let these stylish beauties go, I had to ask some important style related questions – I know you want to know too! What the one fashion item you can’t live without?

Gabi: “Mine is a moto jacket, I put it over everything!”
Iskra: “I like playsuits and jumpsuits! They are always flattering.”

What makes an outfit for you? Is it your hair, your makeup, accessories…

Gabi: “I love accessories, I think they can make or break an outfit. I’m all about big earrings or a statement necklace, and then I love sunglasses.”
Iskra: “You know when you just put together an outfit, and your like, yes, this is it!”

Gabi and Iskra were so charming and sweet, if you haven’t seen the commercial, make sure you watch it. They look so amazing!