M2K Notting Hill Carnival Launch Party

I was so thrilled to be invited to M2K’s secret private Notting Hill Carnival all white launch party two weeks ago – albeit early. Carnival is greatly anticipated by many each and every year. Being the festive that marks the end of summer, it’s crazy that I’ve never attended the infamous road party. Coming from the Caribbean however, I am fully aware of the vibrancy, bright and bold atmosphere. After attending crop over (carnival) in Barbados when I was (about) 12, I was in awe of the beauty of carnival but also the joy and happiness it brought to everyone. Their carefree attitude and simple desire to let the rhythm control their body is the one thing about crop over I’ll remember forever. And this launch party definitely instilled this mentality into Bunmi and I, with us out of our seats and on the dance floor dancing and moving like we didn’t have a care in the world – although, the chilled champagne may have encouraged that.

Other than the dancing and amazing performance by Rhythms of The City, the night featured an amazing catwalk presentation of costumes designed by amazing designers, Ayesha Nicholls and Yasmin Long.

Designers, Ayesha Nicholls and Yasmin Long were inspired by time travel and descendants of various areas around the world. With inspiration from descendants of Europe to Asia, South and North America, the designers created an amazing set of costumes. Personally, my favourite pieces had to be the (pink) descendants of Asia and Native American inspired costume. Although, I’m not sure you will catch me rocking either costumes this year – I’ll leave that to the fabulous models. So, are you looking to get on the road this carnival and be apart of the M2K? You can, by simply liking their facebook page for alerts and check out m2kmas.com 

Cheers to a fabulous night!

The images I viewed are a preview, there are more available to view at their Headquarters (to find out more information, check their Facebook page).