Power Pout: Milani Cosmetics Lip Creme Review

Youtube made me buy it! How many of you have watched a Youtube video and then internally debated whether or not to buy every shade in the collection? Well, that was me a few weeks ago! After watching Jeffree Star’s summer bronze glow and metallic lip video a month ago, my urging desire to have Milani Amore Mattallics Lip Creme in the shade Chromatic Addict, sparked the beginning of my obsession with Milani Cosmetics Lip Creme’s. When it comes to lip cremes, you have to kiss a lot of bad formula’s before you find the perfect one, and thankfully I found Milani Cosmetics. The formula for Milani’s Amore Matallics lip cremes is incomparable to others I’ve tried. After weeks of watching Youtubers’ reviews of the Mattalic collection, I decided to buy my two favourite bad boys, in the shade Chromattic Addict shade and Mattely In Love.

Mattely In Love.

For a beautiful metallic pink, this is the lip creme for you. The Amore Mattallics lip creme slides on with full-coverage pigment in one fell swoop, leaving an uber-lightweight feel, unlike many others. The formula is applied via a sponge applicator that is so easy to control and makes application quick and smooth-sailing. As the lip creme is so affordable I was sceptical of the formula, but I can honestly say, the power stay is matchless to its affordable sisters. It’s so good, I can go a whole day without having to reapply. No need to top up in between meals or drinks – I think that’s pretty amazing!

Chromattic Addict:

Just like the Mattely In Love shade, this lip creme is phenomenal, and is truly metallic! My only qualm with this shade is that for my complexion it probably isn’t the best shade to wear alone, but it makes a great addition to my nude lipstick combo

The combo: line lips with Mac Mahogany lip pencil, fill lips with NYX simply nude lip cream in the colour exposed and then place CA in the centre.

Pro tip: before buying a lipstick shade, check out if other Youtubers close to your complexion have tried it out. Determining whether a lipstick shade will work for me based on how it looks on a white man probably wasn’t my smartest moment! But, I still love it.

After having the Amore Mattallic lip cremes, I needed my next fix in the form of Amore Mattes! So, when I happened to come across the collection in Beauty Base, I was ecstatic to swatch every shade on in the store. Did you guys know Milani was stocked in Beauty Base? After 15 minutes and my mother coercing me to get to the till, I picked up my two favourite shades, Devotion and Loved. Devotion is a deep velvety red, that just screamed “take me home tonight”, and Loved is a gorgeous pinky nude, that initially remained by of Candy K, but is slightly darker and a fraction of the price…i.e. better from my ‘supposed to be saving for uni’ pockets!

Devotion and Loved:

Unfortunately, the formula isn’t as mind-glowingly good as the Amore Mattallics formula, but it still takes home the trophy when compared to it’s similar priced competitors, i.e. Miss Flaky Sleek (I still love you, but we need to sort out that formula boo)!

Once opened, the formula lets off this subtle but sweet vanilla essence smell, which I love, despite my undying hatred for fruity or smelly lip products. In addition, the applicator is much smaller than the Mattallics, which is great for those who tend to slip out of lines, i.e. me! For £7.99, I would definitely recommend this product. But bear in mind, when reapplying, it’s best to remove most of the existing product on your lips and then apply, otherwise, the lip creme can become rather cracked.

So, when it comes to a power pout, I recommend Milani Cosmetics for its amazing full coverage- pigmented and amazing formula. For lips that stand out and last all day, try out the Amore Mattallics, and for a gorgeous matte lip, try out Amore Matte.

Which shade is your favourite? I think mine has to be Loved, it’s so pretty and I’ve worn it literally everyday!