Tender Loving Care: My Skincare Routine

After years of only washing
my face with basic soap, and then moisturising with hydrous ointment, my
skincare routine has reached all new heights!


Disclaimer: the products
I’ve listed work amazingly for my skin type, but that doesn’t mean they will work
for you in the same way. For informative advice on what products are best for you, seek
guidance and assistance from the brands themselves. 


For as long as I can
remember, I’ve been told; “you don’t need to wear make-up” and “your skin is so
clear.” And when asked what I did, each and every time I repeated “well, I
don’t wear makeup and only use two products on my face.” Until, I reached 18
and discovered the Youtube Channel of Alissa Ashley. Prior to this moment, I
didn’t even know what steps should be taken when applying make-up, let alone
own anything other than mascara, eyeliner and my beloved Benefit Brow Kit. Soon
my make-up bag transformed into a collection that requires a whole shelf; leading to sudden changes in my skin. What was once
blemish free, clear and even, was now prone to blemishes, dry and left with
hyper-pigmented scars.


My new obsession, led to my
greatest mission, getting and keeping my face clear and glowing. And it’s been
semi-achieved with the help of four products and one tool:


Every morning and night, I religiously
cleanse my face and neck, using Centaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and my VanityPlanet Spin for Perfect Skin cleansing brush. As I suffer from sensitive, dry
skin, this gentle skin cleanser works wonders; removing dirt, make-up and other
impurities without drying out my skin like other cleansers. Personally, I like
to cleanse twice in the morning and evening. In my head, applying my cleanser,
rinsing, and then repeating, means all traces of dirt and make-up have been
removed from my face – whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. But in my
head, it’s the absolute truth!

Cleanser: £8.99/£14.99

Brush: $30.00


Tip: using a brush with
preset spinning motion means you’re less likely to irritate your skin by over
scrubbing. If you don’t have a brush, your fingers can work just as well! I was
using my fingers for months before I purchased my brush.


Once I’ve cleansed by face
twice, I then like to use my Burt Bee’s radiance toner – especially if I’m
about to put on make-up. Toner works to remove any left over make-up, dirt or
impurities in your skin. Unlike other toners, this doesn’t cause my skin to dry
out; instead it leaves me feeling fresh and radiant.

Burt Bee’s Toner: £10.29


On some days, this is where
my skincare routine stops. In particular days when my skin is not dry, or I
don’t have any spots. But in the event that my skin is dry, I swear by Aesop’s Damascasn Rose Facial Treatment. This product is the most expensive out of all
my products, coming in at a hefty £51. But, in all honesty, it’s worth every
penny – even though my mother actually brought it – this magic oil leaves my
skin as soft as a baby’s bottom and flake free, without an oily feeling.

It also works well to prime
and prep your skin before applying foundation and all that good stuff; making
it one of my favourite products!



But if you want to hydrate
your skin, and don’t have £51, I’ve got you sis! Try Mario Badescu’s aloe herbsand rosewater facial spray. It makes a great alternative, working to lightly refresh your skin whilst boosting hydration, and comes in at a cheap and cheerful price of £5.95!

Forget using toothpaste! It’s all about Sudocrem! If I catch any signs of a spot appearing the first thing I turn to is my beloved Sudocrem. Despite it being marketed as an antiseptic healing cream for nappy rash, it also stops spots in their tracks. Before going to bed, I apply a small layer to any of my problem areas, and let it do its thing over night. You can be sure, the next day, the spot has either minimised considerably in size or has gone entirely.


Sudocrem Skin Care Cream: £2.09

And that is my quick and simple skincare routine! Although, I still have a few hyper-pigmented scars on my forehead, my skin has drastically improved.

If you are also on a mission to achieve clear skin, have used any of these products or have any questions, comment below or tweet me @LaurenNicoleFK, I want to hear what you’re doing and your thoughts.

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