New year, new me? Yes, actually

The phrase “New Year, New Me” has been used for decades.

In December we go from food adverts encouraging us to “indulge.” Cue advert of spoon cutting into oozing molten chocolate cake. To fitness and diet adverts encouraging us to adopt the “New Year, New Me” mantra in a bid to get you to spend money on their products and shed the Christmas pudge, in January. Cue men and women with ripped bodies.

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In previous years I’ve taken on the phrase literally, reimagining myself as this new, slim amazonian goddess, who breaks hearts, runs the world and will be in full effect by 1st June – because these things take time.

While I’m sure if I really wanted to achieve that I could. The pudge, rolls, pouch and fupa isn’t the be-all and end-all to my problems. And definitely shouldn’t be at the top of my resolution.

Unlike others, I haven’t adopted the “New Year, Same Me” mantra in the bid to rebel against the age-old phrase.

Instead, I’ve fostered the phrase and set different intentions behind it. By definition, ‘New Year, New Me’ means accepting who I was last year, the choices and mistakes I made, and understanding there’s a better version to be uncovered. It is growth, elevation and healing. It’s a ‘new me’.

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This definition no longer becomes simply about my body and the need to change it. While, yes, I think it’s important to feel good (which for some may equate to ‘looking good’ – whatever that means to an individual), the constant messaging of needing to lose weight is both mind-numbing and frustrating.

So, what promises am I making to myself this year?

1) To heal – allowing myself to acknowledge pain and trauma and find ways to heal and grow. (Maybe I’ll do a blog post later on in the year on how that goes.)

2) Travel.

3) Love – people, what I’m doing, where I’m going and how I’m getting there.

4) Graduate – of course.

5) Others that I’m not willing to reveal (just yet) related to work.

6) Get fitter and healthy.

7) Spend time doing more activities that I love.

8) Be kinder and treat myself more often.

Girl sat in a park, smiling.
Photographed by Alise Jane

I manifest (for all of us) that 2019 will be an incredible year, full of growth, health, love and success.

Should you need a break from the January diet force-feeding coverage, check out Callie Thrope’s hashtag #wellnessmyway.

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