What is personal style?

As a fashion blogger/content creator/model/whatever you want to call me, I often get asked “how would you describe your personal style?” or “how did you find your personal style?

And up until recently, my response would have been a very vague, “my style is always evolving and changing.” A cop-out that translates to I have no clue what my style is, and I wish you wouldn’t ask me. I throw on clothes, and sometimes they work, other times my mum gives me a look, and I go back upstairs and change.”

But in the last few months, my style has become more and more clear. Almost so clear, I often wonder what it says about me as an individual. My style isn’t a reflection of where I live, and if it was – I don’t think you’d be reading this post right now – or who I spend time with. Although, I often find myself in my mother’s wardrobe.

While, I haven’t thought about it critically, or beyond the realms of what I think is worthy to post on Instagram. My style is loud, often times in your face, more feminine than masculine, and far more maximalist than minimalist. To some that may translate into a high pitch scream of look at me, depending on my mood and depending on whether I’ve chosen one solid bold colour or two. But I feel comfortable and happy.

So, how do you find your personal style?

From being experimentative, and going for what you’re drawn to. I may wish to prance around in a zebra print dress from Very, and an orange faux fur coat. Others may not be into it. But, the reality is, what is “stylish” or “fashionable” to one person may be ridiculous and over-the-top to another. Style is relative, subjective and personal. So, get as creative as you want, or not at all. Whether black is your favourite colour or neon pink is. Have fun.

So how far does the phrase, ‘your styles says a lot about you’ go? And what does this outfit say?

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