The power of a dress

There’s something to be said about the experience of dressing outside your comfort zone.

Whether it’s a tight fitted dress or something else. There’s real power in dressing.

Sometimes the power is merely¬†reassurance that you’re not all that bad looking.

I remember the first time I wore a bodycon dress out and didn’t feel the need to suck in my stomach all day like it was yesterday.

Two years ago, I put on a dress that had been gifted to me. It came out the packaging so tiny, I almost wondered if there was enough stretch to get over my body.

This concoction of feelings tingled through me. I felt oddly empowered, a little nervous and slightly shocked at the sight of my body in this dress that I should have sworn wouldn’t have fit me, let alone look good.

Two years on, and certain clothes still give me the tingles.

I almost sound like Carrie Bradshaw talking about a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. But, this is more than just falling in love with a pair of shoes: how they look and feel. But more about how an item can make you view yourself.

In fact, when I put on this very dress, my exact reaction was: “gurl, whattttttt?! Look at your bodyyyyyyyy!!! You look (bleeping) sensational” In this high pitched, somewhat off-key tone.

I hadn’t worn a dress so fitted since January for numerous reasons: weight gain, lack of confidence, a slight change in personal style, amongst other reasons. But the simple act of stepping out of my comfort zone and ordering this jersey dress from Very gave me a confidence boost I didn’t even know I needed.

Dress is V by Very, £25

I’ve heard it before, and I’m sure you have too. The action of getting dressed up and the benefits it has on your mental and emotional state. Studies have shown and proven the link.

There’s magic in our wardrobe. Which again sounds like something Bradshaw would say. But maybe she, and I aren’t just crazy fashionistas? Perhaps we should all tap into it; whether it means wearing or buying a blazer that makes you feel like a boss or a lingerie set that brings your sexy back.

The power in dressing to feel better, happier and even more confident is something I co-sign.