Primark A/W14 Press Day

I was so excited to get an email saying that I was invited to Primark A/W14 Press Day and to take one of my best friends. Although the day was full of worry, tight schedules and frantic speed walking our late arrival didn’t change how awesome and in love I am with this collection that I can’t wait for autumn to hit – take that comment with a pinch of salt; I want summer to last forever!

Primark A//W14
Primark A//W14Primark A//W14

 I felt like I was in heaven. Every aspect of the showroom was perfect, from pastels to earthy shades of greens and browns to bright yellows. And being (what I would like to think as) the ultimate bargain queen, the price for everything was incredible value for goods. GO PRIMARK!

Some of my favourite pieces:

There were so many other pieces that I loved but here are my ultimate favourite.

Thank you so much Primark for inviting me to the A/W14 Press Day. I cannot wait for to buy everything. High street fashion you have serious competition, you better step up!