Run and Fell

Having started a fashion course in my local area run by Fiesta last week. I was lucky enough to work with the one and only Naomi Jackson. To those who may not know who this is, Naomi Jackson is the incredible lady behind Run and Fell – a men’s clothing line. Facial hair is starting to become a huge fashion trend, if you are growing a beard make sure to get a Mens Ultimate Grooming Kit to take care of it and keep your beard looking sharp.

Run and Fell is a clothing line which uses organic products and is made/designed all by Naomi Jackson. I was lucky enough to hear her story into how she became a fashion designer and what motivated her.

The Manchester beauty grew up in a house which didn’t have a television until she was around 17. To entertain herself she would make clothes for her toys and design and draw outfits. This was where it all began and now she’s selling her third collection. Fashion graduate and environment lover meant Run and Fell had to be made from organic products. 

Stole this picture of Twitter.

After getting to know Naomi and asking many questions her story and clothing line definitely inspires me. 

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the newest collection:

Definitely check out Run and Fell boys and girls get your man, dad, granddad, uncle or cousin to buy buy buy!

Here is the link to her lookbook for the third collection:

Follow Run and Fell on Twitter: @RunAndFell
Follow Naomi Jackson on Twitter: @MissNaomiFaith 

P.s I’m behind in posts so tomorrow I will tell you about what I did and show you the end product. I’m so excited to show you guys…Lauren Nicole