Stressed but Well Dressed – Zara

Quick update: sorry I haven’t posted anything but I’ve been super busy with school work and writing articles for a new project. I will be posting my articles soon on here once I get the “ok” from the editors.

Although, I say I’ve been busy, I still managed to find myself at the till with a basket full of things, which I’m sure I don’t necessarily need and earlier this month I went crazy in Zara, buying the cutest pair of shoes (feature in the next post), a studded purse – which I will show you guys soon in my next outfit post – and this..

(sorry about the shadow)

I have to give credit to my mother, who actually picked out this bag – what would I do with out you mother?! Much to my annoyance, Zara has done it again and I have fallen victim to their infamous “every third person I see on the street has this bag” and even worse – but kind of good at the same time as it means I’m doing something right – ‘every fashion tumblr has someone else with this bag” disease. If you know me, you know I hate having the same thing as everyone else, but this may just be my expectation.

If you want to see my full outfit, I will put it together again and get my camera girls to take some snaps. Here are some outfits that I found online featuring this beauty of a bag. Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling me what you think.

P.S Abbie you now have something new to read, sorry it has taken so long, I know you have been waiting a while!