The Bargain Queen

In the last two days I’ve spent quite a bit of money but the best way to start the week is in topshop and buying a few hot pieces on ASOS. 

Being such a massive fan of ASOS I’ve finally learnt the tricks of the trade. Signing up for a ASOS premier membership means not only do you get free next day delivery but you also can find great promo codes which only apply to you VIP’s. Not only is this great but it’s only £9.95 for 1 year!! Can’t wait for my pieces to come and for me to show all you fashionista’s all that good stuff!! 

But what I can show you are my cute flatform trainers. I’ve been wanting a pair for so long but haven’t been able to find the correct size. ((My feet are a little strange, being too big for a size 6 and too small for a size 7 doesn’t help)) 

So, today, after school I travelled to my local topshop. And rather then dreaming of them I actually brought a pair. 

I got them for a cheerful £24 ($48, €36)

In need of a little scrub on the right foot but are definitely ready to be paired up with some frilly socks. Happy Tuesday to me.