The Coolest Chicks on Instagram

WARNING: After reading this you may feel the urge to stalk or harass. Please DO NOT, they’re just people – pretty cool people, but just people. If you do happen to suffer any side effects, please contact your doctor immediately. 

I’ve put together the ultimate envy list, that would make anyone want to erase their Instagram, wardrobe and social life, just to start again. From clean cut feeds, to style freaks, nights out and #sorrynotsory selfies, this list offers you some of the hottest and coolest chicks that Instagram has – sorry fellas, this is a girls only zone.

Nicole Dyson, this young, fresh and stylish beauty is the definition of cool. Her feed, full of stylish outfits, bronzed selfies, cocktails, runway looks, sassy quotes and glorious food has me rather envious.

I was lucky enough to have a chat with the cool chick and ask her all the questions you (and I) want to hear and know about this bronzed long-hair beauty.
1) What is your full name?

Nicole Louise Dyson, you can call me N.

2) What do you do for a living? 
I am a Fashion Columnist and full time student currently studying photography progressing onto Styling and Image making at University in September. Along side my education I am a part time stylist at Selfridges in Manchester.

3) How long have you been styling and writing for?
When I left school I was convinced I wanted a career in travel where I studied travel and tourism for two years, but it was in the second year of this study that I found my love for fashion and I knew that’s what I wanted to be doing. Since then I joined photography classes which I developed a passion and skill for styling. I have always been passionate with my personal style. Since September 14 I have been writing up a monthly column ‘Fashion Dilemmas’ providing my style help and advice for readers who require my help.

4) How do you take the perfect selfie?
How do I take the perfect selfie? *laughs* I think all of the ladies will agree that it’s crucial to find that perfect selfie lighting in their own home! I’m laughing, as I recently upgraded my iPhone5 for the iPhone6 Plus and for the first week I was stressing that I couldn’t take a cute selfie! It was like as if the iPhone was in the wrong and not me Haha! I tend to pout and it’s totally out of habit, Good lighting helps and I tend to hold my phone up whilst taking a selfie. 

5) What apps do you use for editing?

I tend to not edit my photos maybe a filter from time to time but I do use a cool app called PicsartThis app allows me to mirror my images so when my outfit is so on fleek I can make two of me or even four! I like the cool feature on this app which allows you to add lens flares, and lights to your image. Just adds that cool touch. If my images don’t fit into Square on Instagram I use Squaready but as I recently have a little OCD with the layout of my Instagram I rarely use this app.

6) Whose Instagram feed gives you feed envy? 

Okay so I am totally one to follow sooo many bloggers and cool people on Instagram. I’m not one to care about numbers, not a ‘keep my followers up and followings down’ kinda girl. Solange Knowles gives me life!  she’s too chic for me to handle. My current fave is Gilda Ambrosio I have no words you should totally check her page if you haven’t already. I’m a screenshot addict. If I see an interesting motivational quote I like to save that ish in my camera roll. I once read “Be passionate, be inspired, be motivated, be patient, work hard, have goals and live life to the fullest. Take advantage of every experience – there is always something to learn. Life is a constant evolution; embrace it.” THIS IS GOALS. I literally couldn’t have said it better myself.

Kayleigh Jean may just be the next Sharmadean Reid. Her fresh, sassy, creative and beautiful designs have thousands following and even forking out to get their paws on a pack of Kayleigh Jean Nails. And it doesn’t just stop there, this blonde, blue eyed beauty even shares her secrets. Yes, I said shares – helping her followers to get funky and creative with her step-by-step nail tutorials on Youtube.

I was excited to talk the beauty KJ and ask her a few questions about her craft and Instagram. Listen up, the Nail Queen is speaking…
1)What is your full name? 
Kayleigh Jean 

2)What do you do for a living?
I work in retail,and do nail art and blogging/YouTube on the side.

3) How long have you been doing nail art for? 

 I’ve been doing nail art for a few years now, starting of just
doing French tip, then polka dots..then realised there’s so much more you
can do with nails. In the past year or so, nail art has become my one
true passion,I’ll paint anything and everything
on my nails 🙂

4) How do you take the perfect nail picture? 

To take the perfect picture of my nails, I make sure there’s
perfect lighting,bright daylight is the best. Making sure each nail is
in the picture,with no glare on either nail, trying to capture the detail
in each nail.

5) Who inspires you on Instagram?
There’s so many people that inspire me on Instagram, but
especially @MADNAILS seeing the nail art they create, just opens my mind
to the possibilities of what you could do with your nails. As well as @ISCREAMNAILS & @CIAOMANHATTAN2012 (nails by mei) bloggers, magazines
and fashion brands also inspire me with ideas; trends, colours, patterns.

6) What tips would you offer for Instagram success?
Regular good quality posts. Taking time to take your photos, good
lighting,layout etc. Tagging companies if you’re wearing or using their
product, you never know who may see your posts, and it’s a great way to
get your work noticed and shared to a wider

Dounya. If I were to say I’m not jealous of this girl’s wardrobe I would be seriously lying. From her outfit posts to designer labels, beyond cool footwear and amazing tourist shots, she is the queen of the feed. Even her Insta bio is cool, ‘| THE JOY OF DRESSING IS AN ART | BXL |’. Jelly Jealous.

Dounya and I have been instagram buds for a while now, so I was happy to finally quiz her and take a few notes on how she keeps that feed so perfect. Because, honestly, it’s no easy feat.

1) What is your full name and how old are you? 

Dounya Lahmami, I am 17 years old.

2) What do you do for a living? 

I’m a student. I just graduated from high school. Now I am going to study Communication Management.

3) How do you take the perfect fashion/outfit of the day picture? 

This is actually not easy at all. Haha. I first have to find a nice outfit and then
I have to find a nice location. I’m so in love with modern
architectural places. After I ask whoever I am with to take a picture. The first picture is never the good one
haha. So I just take a few pictures and then I select one.

4) Who inspires you on Instagram? 

I really love @jaiperdumaveste, he is a photographer who lives in Paris and takes pictures of women in the streets; their outfits are actually really inspiring. But people who inspire me the most are actually the designers themselves. @riccardotisci, the creative
director of Givenchy is the one who inspires me the most. Raf Simons who is the creative director of Dior also inspires me a lot.

It’s nice to read interviews of them, and get to know them, knowing where they get their inspiration from etc. I actually all advice you to go watch the movie “Dior and I” which is an awesome movie in which you’ll learn a lot about the maison Dior and Raf Simons. I agree the film is phenomenal – it was a great film to watch on the plane to Barbados.

5) Do you use any apps to edit your pictures? 

I only use Instagram. I mostly sharpen my pictures and then I play with the lighting etc.

6) Whose Instagram gives you feed envy? 

I really love @patrycjaszklarczyk instagram!

Chyna: this sassy, unique and free-spirited gal constantly gives my Instagram feed a colour rush – and I love it. Her emoji filled captions, beyond retro outfits, and quite frankly amazing personality, puts this girl at the top of the sassy queen’s list.

I was lucky enough to quiz this sassy socialite on what keeps her sassy, free-spirited and fun on the gram. Get your notepads out, everything you need to know on this queen and her Instagram stardom is coming up.

1) What is your full name?

Chyna Unique Autumn Alexander Hewitt-Jackson

2) What do you do for a living?

For a living I study full time at the Fashion Retail
Academy in Tottenham Court and the course I am currently studying is Fashion
& Clothing which I am really enjoying despite the small moments of
frustration, tears and anger along the way it is something that I am truly
passionate about. I have a particular strength for colour and pattern
application which leads to my exciting and energetic outcomes. Throughout my time
of studying creative subjects I have shown commitment, creativity and
dedication in my work, my ideas are driven by detailed research, concepts,
ideas and I am always considering how my outcomes can relate to current trends
and chosen themes. I wish to inspire people in the future with my existing
ideas and outcomes as I have a lot to bring to the table.  I still
have another year left at FRA and then I have plans of studying further at
University to pursue my career in Fashion. In my own spare time away from my
studies which is very rare I tend to explore around London gaining inspiration
from almost anything whether it’s the London culture or even just some amazing
store windows. I love to shop as you will able to tell from my Instagram feed
as I’m always posting a picture of something new and the fact that my college
is located just off Oxford Street I just can’t help myself and my bank account
just cries lol! 

3) How long have you been vlogging/blogging for?

I’ve been saying that I was going to start blogging
and uploading videos for like how many years now it’s ridiculous. I mean the
drastic change from secondary school to sixth form has been hectic, trying to
balance everything whilst studying very intense art based subjects. But I am
working on my YouTube channel and my blogs and the moment and I will posting
the new URL’s very soon as who knows I might drop a surprise video.

4) How do you make sure every picture is perfect for your sassy feed?

Before I upload a picture to Instagram I make sure it
ALWAYS goes through the photo editing application Afterlight or an Instagram
filter. I might be lucky enough to catch good natural lighting to improve my
selfies because I need to feel like Beyoncé at some point and be on fleek! Oh
and of course when I upload an Instagram photo I always create my unique
locations using the emoji’s that suit the photograph the best and that’s
definitely my list for a sassy feed!

5) Whose Instagram feed are you envious of?

So even if I haven’t been that active
posting on the gram I just want you all to know that I’m always creeping either
liking pictures, stalking amazing accounts and just gaining overall
inspiration. I am just super obsessed with so many Instagram accounts and it’s
very hard to lower it down to just one so I’m gonna pick my top 5 sassy






6) What tips would you offer for Instagram success?

My advice to all you beautiful souls is to always be
yourself no matter what, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you or has to
say about you. As long as YOU are comfortable and confident with yourself
that’s what I call a golden prize, remain truthful to yourself and do whatever
makes you happy because someone is always going to bring negativity your way
but it makes you stronger. I know it’s very hard especially with the generation
we live in today individuals are often scared to be themselves or post what
they wish due to peer pressure and trying to fit in. But guess what? As long as
you stand tall and proud on your two feet you are going to sail through life as
a beautiful unique creation so make sure you believe in yourself.

Alejandra Hernandez, otherwise known as Iggy Azalea’s stylist. This Latina Mas Fina is the ultimate babe and genuinely gives me style fever. Her awesome vintage picks, beyond cute dog, Gianni and memes often have me wishing I was in her shoes and appropriately checking out Iggy’s butt.

This ultimate babe does happen to follow me on Twitter and although we did manage to have a little chat, Ale hasn’t yet got back to me with the all important answers to my questions. As soon as I receive news, I will be sure to update you.

Mercedes Benson, this urban, trendy and creative soul always keeps me on my toes. Her urban, creative and quite frankly cool choice of outfits, footwear, meals and quotes often make me wish I was a small petite girl with curly locks. Benson has collaborated with some of the best and cool in the industry and therefore is crowned the ultimate trendy-ass insta chick.

Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe, is the definition of chic, class, trend and style. Her chose of colour palette, outfit posts, interior and everything else often has be weeping. I’ve been obsessed with this beauty for a while now and although I wasn’t able to have a Q&A session with her, I am definitely happy with stalking her page on the regular. In addition, you can also find her on Youtube and her blog, I would say that’s what you call the best of both worlds.

Alex Elle. When it comes to inspiration and motivation, Alex Elle’s Instagram page is all you need, whether you’re going through a heartbreak, need something to motivate you and drive you or just simply a note to yourself. In addition to her words of wisdom, Alex Elle has a beautiful family and regularly posts beautiful imagery.

Angelica Blick. If you don’t want to experience extreme envy, Miss Blick may not be the chick to follow. From her perfect beach body to long locks, golden skin and amazing globetrotting pictures, Angelica Blick is the ultimate beach babe. For inspiration on how to take the perfect holiday pic this summer, follow Angelica. Trust me you will be thanking me for the upgrade in your feed.

Although we don’t quite see the face of Nectar & Stone, one cool chick is definitely running this delicious page. Warning: you may not want to follow this page if you’re on a diet or easily crave things you shouldn’t eat at large quantities. An introduction isn’t really needed, I think the pictures talk for themselves.

Last but not least of all the cool chicks on Instagram goes to Karla Deras. I think it’s fair to say this fashionista is the defintion of a Fashion Killer, from the introduction of her new clothing line, photography, images of her and just being the Queen of instagram and this list. I am completely in love and obsessed with Miss Deras. If you don’t trust in me, check her page out for yourself!

(Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get hold of the other cool chicks; clearly they were off being way too cool and busy. But, if I do happen to get any responses once the blog post has been published I will update. So check your eyes peeled on Twitter for your update.) These ladies are only a small fraction of the cool that you can discover
on Instagram – the list is so long that I could be here for days! If you
know a cool chick on Instagram or are the cool chick on Instagram be
sure to leave your Instagram handle below and of course check out mine @FashionKillerBlog_. Instagram is a great way to connect and gain inspiration, so stalk as much as you want; that inspiration may lead into a great mood board – which I am a big advocate of, I definitely believe in speaking things into existent and having a visual, encourages you to achieve.