The Flye Trap X The Nave


CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Ornagh Lynch – The Nave  

MODEL: Alisha Sanka

CLOTHES: The Flye Trap

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realised how powerful surrounding yourself with like-minded people really is. A few weeks ago, I went from sitting around a table with creatives to shooting this epic editorial in Waterloo Tunnel. The shoot was so far from what I’m used to shooting, but I loved every minute of the three/four hours we sent shooting and filming. As this is my first time ever really modelling for a brand, I can’t thank the founder/owner/designer of The Flye Trap (who likes to remain anonymous) enough – not only are the products dope, but the quality of the products is exceptional. Oh, and did I mention it’s unisex?!! Yes ladies and gents – but mainly ladies – The Flye Trap is unisex, so get your debit, credit or whatever card out and buy a few pieces this holiday! 

Quote of the day: “Surrounding yourself with the right company is the key to success – you will eventually become a product of the people who surround you”