The Glass Slipper: Where it all began.

Fairytales sum up my childhood, full of romance, beauty
and to-die-for dresses. Whether you were a fan of Snow White, Princess Jasmine
or Cinderella, they all had one thing in common: a happy ever after. I may not
have the romance or the dresses but the glass slipper is now at reach for all
of us, and we didn’t even have to shed a tear. In fact those little creative
geniuses called fashion designers have made it all possible for us. 

From Jeffrey Campbell to Burberry, every great has used
the Cinderella Trend. Last week we saw London Fashion Week come to a close and
Antipodium and Burberry brought some of the hottest plastic to the runway.



Forget only seeing the clear stuff on rain coats and
umbrella’s, the trend has hit every department, from shoes to bags to

Cinderella may not wear these Jeffrey Campbell shoes to the ball but I’m
pretty sure she’d love them.

 Get your Klear Klutch now and make your outfit pop!

The Cinderella Trend has taken over, and it looks like
it’s here to stay. So yes, we all shall go to the ball.

Random Fact: I love to cook, maybe I’ll cook you dinner 🙂