The Guide To Stop Effing Up Your Skin

Recently, my obsession with skincare has reached all new heights. After years of only washing my face with a basic soap and then moisturising with hydrous ointment (which I still live by), my skincare regimen has completely transformed. From my various cleansing regimens to my Damascan rose facial treatment, anti-blemish treatment, and nightly sudocrem ritual; I have completely stepped up my skincare game! But all of that is pointless if you’re effing up your skin before you’ve even got your cash out!


Whether it be our fingers, our phone, or our sunglasses; anything that touches our face puts us at risk of breaking out. Without trying to sun like a germaphobe or clean freak – as I am neither – don’t touch your face if your hands are not clean and wipe down your phone and sunnies as often as possible. Most blemishes arise because of our dirty mitts…

Before rushing out to buy a rough exfoliator in the attempt to clog out your pores. Bear in mind, products that are advertised as deep and abrasive often do more bad to the skin than good. Also, when it comes to cleansing, unless you have a face brush, your hands often are better than sponges!

For a good cleansing brush, I would recommend Vanity Planet. They currently have a sale on the perfect spin brush for cleansing, exfoliating and your body, for $30 (£20.50)!


I can’t stress how important it is to know the ingredients of your beauty products. A lot of products consist of ingredients we have no clue about. The important thing is to do research on which ingredients are bad for your skin. I have dry and incredibly sensitive skin, so it’s best for me to stay away from products that contain alcohol, astringent, retinol, glycol, and benzoyl peroxide. As these tend to cause my face to dry out and even break out. So, knowing what doesn’t work with your skin makes the trial and error process a lot easier when trying out new products.

If you want a clear and clean face you need clean tools – especially as they harvest bacteria so easily. I know cleaning brushes can be a real hassle, but cleaning your brushes and beauty blenders after every use is the best way to prevent breakouts! How else are you going to attract those manscaped athletes? I would recommend giving ’em a quick wash with Beautyblender Liquid Blender Cleanser or even Johnson’s baby shampoo.

Your chances of a crystal clear complexion are much higher and you didn’t even have to cut out the gummies…well not just yet. Lets just take it one step at a time!

Share any other tips you have below, in the comment section, so we can all glow this summer with our flawless skin!