Three things I’m buying this week

Three things I’m buying this week

I probably shouldn’t, but hey-ho!

It’s officially autumn, there’s a draft in my house, and I have nothing to do…but shop online. In fact, there’s plenty I could be doing; hoovering the house, cleaning my room, reading my module handbook, but priorities and all that.

Vintage jewellery – what I really want is worth eight uber rides, and I’m not prepared to go without the safe and warm insides of a Toyota Prius for the next weeks and nights out, so instead, I’ll opt for the cheaper and friendlier sister.

Persephone Vintage pieces on Etsy have been a dream of mine for as long as I’ve known about Etsy and the fantastic things you can find on there. Their modern vintage, over the top, beautiful pieces cannot be found anywhere. Not even my beloved Zara creates (curates in Persephone’s case) such magic.

Gold sculptural fire modernist earrings from Persephone Vintage

For £32 and some change, including shipping, I might just have to make some space on my earrings rack. The dramatic oversized sculptural design would work perfectly with almost any outfit and pretty much matches my personality; if that’s not a reason to buy jewellery, I don’t know what is?

I need drama in my life (the good kind), but I also want to be cosy and fab. And Monki is the place for all of that. This oversized glitter ruffle sweater deserves a crown for “Best Bitch of the Knitwear Year”, and even though she’s £50, she deserves to be treated like the Queen that she is right in my wardrobe.

Oversize glitter ruffle sweater from Monki

The original plan was to look like a boss babe, and buy a laptop case…your probably wondering how I equated being a boss babe with having to have a laptop case, but we are officially scrapping that whole idea, as the Queens that are Gabi Fresh and Nicolette Mason, have restocked their ‘Feminist AF’ denim jackets. The laptop case probably would have worked out cheaper, but seeing as Premme now ships to the UK, I would be stupid to pass up on this opportunity, seeing as I am feminist af…

Feminist AF denim jacket from Premme

This weeks shopping worked out to be slightly more expensive than expected – £150. I might have to reevaluate. Should I just admire them from screen or dash the cash?