Karen Millen Curve

Plus size guide to summer fashion with Karen Millen

This article is in collaboration with Karen Millen. Shopping as a plus-size woman has felt more like a nightmare task than a leisure activity for far too long. When very few brands care to invest in their curve collections, the mission to find pieces that are of high quality, fairly affordable and on-trend is a feat. But, things are beginning […]

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Andrea Iyamah Spring Summer SS21 Collection

Five brands to have on your radar this SS21

Whether Spring/Summer will be spent in lockdown or vacaying in the South of France, one things for sure. I will not allow Rona to mess up my fashion plans. If I have to wear that dress to the supermarket or my living room, I will. Nothing will get in my way. This year, I’m hanging up the loungewear – well […]

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Friendship group at the beach

The power of friendship

When you were younger, did you have a friend who was the mac to your cheese? A buddy who was the Ashley to your Mary Kate? The cosmo to your Carrie? I had lots of best friends. They’d call me out saying “You can only have ONE Best Friend, Hannah, not ten”. Well, I didn’t have just one, okay? I […]

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Best lip balm for dry, chapped lips in 2021

Ever heard of lanolin? It’s a skincare ingredient that has been around for over 8000 years. First used in Ancient Egypt, Egyptians would place blocks of solid lanolin wax on their heads. When they contacted the sun, the blocks would melt dispersing the lanolin all over their faces, making their skin soft and moisturized. But things have changed since then. […]

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The skincare brand dermatologist are raving about

I don’t know about you, but I am always drawn towards new skincare whatever realm it may be in. From innovative ingredients to unique packaging, no matter what the product, I am keen to try something new.  Last month when scrolling through Instagram I was met with the customary targeted ads (which, I have to just say, do make me […]

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The Shop.

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The dental brand not just helping you, but the planet too

A few months ago, I wrote a piece all about sustainable beauty brands to watch out for; where I briefly mentioned the brand, I will be talking more in-depth about today. This is, of course, The Humble Co– a sustainable and eco-friendly oral hygiene brand doing every type of good to our planet.  The Humble Co. was founded in 2013 in Stockholm, […]

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Why we should all be using hyaluronic acid

Since the dawn of time, hyaluronic acid has existed. Despite being labelled as an acid, it is not a resurfacing (exfoliating) acid like an AHA or BHA, it is a moisturising acid meaning it doesn’t peel or irritate the skin and is suitable for everyone. It is, in fact, a natural moisturising factor meaning that it is found within our […]

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